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About us

Enlightened Windows – Specialists in German, Scandinavian and European Windows and Doors

If you have a self build, home renovation or commercial project, we can help. We can visit site, provide specification assistance and also we take the trouble to thoroughly understand your project. This way, you get the best value for money and the best product for your requirements. Right product, Right Application. In addition, we have a vast array of products: not just limited to one manufacturer.

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The Story So Far

Villa Hamburg Windows

The founder of Enlightened Windows simply grew tired of not being able to find high quality, efficient and durable windows and doors for the construction industry. So, after 3 years of research and more than a dozen trips to Germany, the rest is history. The full product range is based on knowing what our customers want, and we’re able to deliver it at the right price.
Enlightened Windows has the extensive practical experience of construction. By working with builders, developers and designers, we understand the importance of the critical chain of events to deliver customers projects on time.
Most importantly, we pride ourselves on helping customers choose the right product without needing in depth knowledge. You won’t need a degree in construction to understand our products, and we live your project with you. We help you understand the important features that you need to incorporate, with all products complying with UK Building Regulations.
Q.Why does the UK buy so many German Cars?
A.Because the quality, reliability, performance and value is exceptional.
Enlightened Windows brings the same combination of quality reliability performance and value to the UK Window market.
We work with a small selection of the best premium European window factories and bring these exceptional products to the UK.
Most of our products are made for us in Germany using German made components and, consequently, the quality is a world apart from the products we are used to seeing in the UK.
Our products are the finest available and we offer 15 different species of timber through our range.
Furthermore, although we supply many specifications of premium European windows, tilt-turn are our speciality. Go to our homepage to see our product range.