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Our Work: Custom Build

Self build, custom build or made to measure

We have many installations throughout England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and the Isle of Man. We are delighted to work with homeowners, self-builders, businesses, hotels, architects, contractors and builders.

All of our products are made to measure, which is critical to achieving the best results. This means that our products generally take 8-10 weeks before they arrive, but they are built to within 2mm, meaning that they will fit your building perfectly. We always check carefully to ensure that our products suit the installation circumstances. And we will work with you to ensure full compliance with all building regulations.

We also have reference sites available for visits by arrangement and can supply photographs of projects similar to what you would like to achieve in your project for comparison and inspiration.

Understanding your requirements

At Enlightened Windows, we are very familiar with the building process and various building systems. The key to choosing the right windows is understanding your whole build program and end objectives. We pride ourselves on ensuring that we always put the right windows in the right house.

By understanding your building, we can also ensure that your high-performance windows also have a high-performance installation. We have products for every budget and, whilst we are specialists in German-made products, we are also able to offer more economical products. In other words, we offer products to suit every pocket. Unsure of the costs? Via our network of subcontractors, we can arrange for accurate costings for your installation for complete peace of mind.

We provide products made from a composite of wood and aluminium, UPVC, softwood hardwood, acrylic, aluminium-UPVC composite and GRP. We also have some unusual products made from different modern materials. In short, we supply windows, doors and any combination of products to fit in the external facades of any building.

We have supplies from four different German manufacturers, along with many others in Europe, including Scandinavia. This means that we are able to select the best product for your project, rather than just providing limited ranges from one manufacturer.

To discover more, get in touch by emailing info@enlightenedwindows.co.uk or use our contact form below.

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