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Front Entrance Doors

All our front entrance doors feature durable hardware; designed to withstand regular opening and closing over a lifetime of cycles. There are no surprises by default here: standard items are having a lever handle on both sides, a key-lock cylinder and the expected options of letterboxes, spy-holes and other accessories.

For less-everyday options, we can offer mechanical automatic lock and even electronic smart-locking systems. The mechanical auto-lock is a great replacement for the old after-market night latch, without that traditional security risk. For additional security, some of our products are available with coded cylinders: no one will be able to copy your keys without also providing a unique six character code.

On the main door of a new build home, it’s important to have a low threshold for futureproofing disabled access requirements. All of our entrance doors offer this type of threshold, without compromising on airtightness.

No matter which of our factories you choose, the bespoke customisation options will always include:

  • A precise overall frame size. Every structural opening is different, so we don’t offer any off-the-shelf standard sizes
  • Either a key-lock or a thumbturn on the inside. Ultimate security vs an easy escape route is a debate for the ages… Nowadays, the view leans towards providing a less stressful escape in an emergency
  • Both highly insulating PUR foam-filled panel doors and highly customisable timber frame section doors
  • Various safety glass and privacy glass options
  • The full range of RAL Classic colour at your disposal. Potentially different inside and out; and different for the outer frame and opening leaf too.
  • If ordering more than one door, you can ask for the door locks to share the same key, or require different keys

For more information about the doors, we supply and fit:

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