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Sliding Doors

Solidity and smoothness are the key factors for any sliding door. Beyond that, it’s personal choices that matter, because those are what will determine the rest of a sliding door’s characteristics!

We have two very different routes to travel should you wish to embark on a sliding door journey:

Danish-made Timber and Aluminium-Clad Timber

  • High-density laminated timber frames
  • High thermal performance at the expense of slim sightlines
  • Lift-and-slide opening mechanism as standard to further enhance insulation & airtightness, meaning only twin track arrangements are possible
  • Option to have a tilt-and-slide mechanism for added ventilation possibilities

UK-made Aluminium

  • Thermally-broken aluminium frame with naturally high tensile strength
  • Super thin sightlines at the expense of some thermal efficiency
  • Less complex sliding mechanisms as standard, allowing production of more complex triple track configurations
  • More flexibility for the number of sliding panels within any number of tracks

No matter which one you choose, we only have one warning to issue: beware of glass weight! Modern sliding doors can be incredibly smooth, but they can’t bend the laws of physics… If you’re considering size of door that will result in sliding a 400kg panel, it will always require effort to start moving that panel no matter how smooth the system is overall.

For more information about the doors, we supply and fit two main categories:

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