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Danish Windows

Danish windows are rapidly increasing in popularity in the UK. In a market filled with white PVC, our customers find our approach to higher quality windows and the Danish products we offer to be a refreshing change.

Why You Should be Considering Windows from Denmark in Your Home

Our Danish manufacturers share our views. Buying a higher quality product will pay off in the long run. And the customer should not have to compromise on any area.

All of our Danish window manufacturers favour the use of timber, which is a fantastic natural insulator, to form the main body of the window. However, they understand that timber can be frustrating to keep re-painting and re-sanding. So, most offer a maintenance-free timber, or an aluminium-clad timber option that eliminates the need to re-paint.

The main origins of Danish design are simplicity and functionality – two qualities that we have seen to be present in their windows. Simultaneously, the Danish design philosophy combines perfectly with their well-established high quality manufacturing.

Danish design (and Scandinavian design in general) is making its way into our homes through home decor, furnishings and everyday items. We believe that the same qualities that attract us to these products are matched by Danish window and door craftsmanship.

Lacuna Bifold Doors

Bifold Door Showroom

Danish design, functionality and innovation at its finest. Lacuna’s only focus is to develop and manufacture the worlds best bifold door system. And we think that they have already succeeded.

By using a top-hung system, Lacuna’s Danish bifold door offers a smooth opening, airtight and maintenance free product. Furthermore, without a groove in the threshold which traps everyday dust and dirt, the mechanism will keep running smoothly for years to come.

Unik Funkis Windows

Unik Funkis Aluminium clad Timber 6

Relatively new to the UK market, Unik Funkis offer a wide variety of Danish windows and doors, with the thinnest decorative glazing bar in our entire product range.

Unik Funkis are one of the very few factories who can create an aluminium-timber composite window with a proper separator inbetween the two materials. This type of product has a warm timber internal frame, a low-maintenance aluminium external frame, and a polyamide barrier in-between those two materials.

STM Windows

STM Tinium Composite Windows and Doors

Rapidly expanding into the UK, STM Windows also offer a very wide range of products in both timber and aluminium-clad timber. Almost any configuration can be made in Nordic pine with optional aluminium cladding for additional durability.

STM emphasise the quality of their carefully-selected timber and their equally high-quality paint application. If you desire a paint finish that is visibly above industry standard, and a knot-free timber heartwood, look no further.

Vrogum-Svarre A/S

Vrogum Bespoke Timber Windows

We like to introduce Vrogum as the Danish specialists in timber windows.

Manufacturers of the uniquely airtight timber sliding sash, ultra-modern glass-faced flush timber casement and maintainers of tried and tested Danish craftsmen traditions, Vrogum offer endless options for your new timber windows.

To learn more about our range of Danish windows, call our office on 01608 684 607. Alternatively, you can also email us at sales@enlightenedwindows.co.uk.

Our experts will be happy to help guide you towards a product to perfectly match your home and your requirements.

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