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The Cotswold Stone Homes Collection

Of course, our location at the top of the Cotswolds means that this particular stone is a common sight. Plenty of Cotswold stone homes have been treated to our windows and doors, and many more will in the future.

One of the key obstacles we encounter with these builds is the uneven nature of a stone home – we occasionally need to cut back and level-out a window aperture in order to install a new window correctly.

The most popular features you’ll see below are the traditional glazing bars helping to keep a period-appropriate appearance, and the use of greys with slight hints of green. Our favourite of these is definitely the RAL7032 “Pebble Grey” option, which we’ve dubbed our proper ‘Cotswold Green’.

Cotswold Stone Home Window Renovation
Cotswold stone with RAL 7032 Pebble Grey Aluminium windows
Wide angle of Cotswold Home
Cotswold Stone Newbuild
STM Tinium Cotswold home upgrade
Rationel Composite cotswold stone
Cotswold home with STM Tinium windows and door
Cotswold home with grey windows and glazing bars
Modern window upgrade for a Cotswold Stone home
Cotswold stone home with RAL 7032 Pebble Grey windows
STM Sapino timber door and windows in a cotswold stone home
Black aluminium windows in Cotswold stone home
Triple glazed Sidehung window upgrade for cotswold home
Cotswold stone home with RAL 9001 Cream White windows
RAL 7015 Slate grey window and door upgrade for cotswold stone home
Cotswold Home with New Scandinavian Windows
STM Sapino cotswold home upgrade
Rationel Formaplus windows Cotswold stone home with horizontal glazing bars
cotswold home with Pebble Grey STM Tinium windows
Cotswold Stone house with 4 meter glazed screen
Cotswold home with upgraded STM Tinium windows
STM Tinium tilt turn windows and doors installed into cotswold home
cotswold home with Pebble Grey STM Tinium windows
Cotswold Side Hung Windows
Cotswold Stone House with Aluminium clad Front door
Cotswold Home with Composite Windows
RAL 7033 Cement Grey Door in cotswold stone house
cotswold stone home with two story glazed screen and outward opening windows
Cotswold home with Lacna Bifold extension
Cotswold stone home with Aluminium Heritage dormer windows
Cotswold Stone house with STM Aluminium clad windows and doors
Cotswold Stone New build home
Aluminium heritage window upgrade in Cotswold stone mullions
RAL 7035 Light Grey windows in cotswold stone home
Artistic Cotswold Newbuild
Aluminium clad windows in a cotswold stone home
cotswold home window upgrade RAL 9005 Jet Black
New Cotswold home with STM windows
STM Tinium clear and cotswold privacy glass

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