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The Side-hung windows collection

Side-hung windows are the most common type of window we supply: simple, reliable and inexpensive to make. Naturally then, it’s the hinge type that all our factories assume our customers would like to have if we ask for any side-opening window.

At least two visible hinges will be seen on the outside, meaning the window pivots right at the corner, giving the largest possible opening – great for both fire escape compliancy and ventilation. Traditionally, a bar stay at the bottom would hold the window open at various points. Nowadays, we provide all sidehung windows with a handle-operated friction brake: put the handle down (as though you were closing the window) at any point whilst it’s open, and it will hold that position in all but the strongest of winds.

Below, we’ve curated some of our many images from across our galleries, product pages and blogs; – showing some of the many ways you can customise your windows.

Configuration Options for Bespoke Windows

Configuration Options for Bespoke Windows

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