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The Top-guided Windows Collection

Top guided windows are a great way to use all the space available: whilst they can’t get as large as a fixed frame, they are able to span up to 1.6 metres in width and 1.6 metres in height. These larger sizes are possible because a top guided window holds the total weight of an opener equally on both sides of the unit – removing the twisting torque force that would create problems in a side hinge unit.

The standard top guided opens to about 45 degrees. But, if you also need the ability to clean the whole window from inside, a top swing reversible window will open nearly a full 180 degrees (this may reduce the maximum possible size).

In both cases, hinges are located in-between the opening casement and the outer frame: invisible when closed.

Below, we’ve curated some of our many images from across our galleries, product pages and blogs; – showing some of the many ways you can customise your windows.

Configuration Options for Bespoke Windows

Configuration Options for Bespoke Windows

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