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1960s Evesham House Conversion and Modernisation

This is a rather in-depth renovation and extension build. For the most part, the original brick structure for the main part of the house only received minor adjustments externally. But the new timber-clad section to the side has replaced an aging garage and no-longer-required snooker room. This extension is far better integrated into the main house, and far more energy efficient. Being able to shuffle some rooms sideways into the new extension created a massive space inside: resulting in an almost completely open-plan kitchen, dining room, family room and hallway.

To go with these huge internal changes and additional insulated extension, this customer was one of the very last to be able to order the double glazed version of our STM Tinium aluminium-clad timber windows. Despite this product being more than good enough for UK building regulations, Danish regulations are far ahead of our own, and the Tinium product is now purely focused on triple glazing.

Side hung windows with central fixed pane
Side Hung STM Tinium window with steel hinges

The most tried-and-tested hinge for (almost!) any Danish window will be a visible side hung product. All over Denmark, this style has been around for hundreds of years. The idea has only really changed with the introduction of multipoint locks, but many brand new Danish are still ordered with their old farmhouse-style casement fasteners. Since there’s not any nostalgia for these in the UK, the far more popular option is the more secure and versatile multipoint lock with a locking window handle. At any point whilst the window is open, the handle can be put down to hold the sidehung opener exactly where you left it.

As you can see here, this is a stainless steel hinge option. The more traditional variant would be a galvanised steel finish, and the more modern would be to colour-code to match the frames.

Topguided and fixedlight configured alu clad windows

This large window at the rear of the house went through some interesting revisions. It was clear that the home owner wished to retain the huge floor-to-ceiling effect, but improve the configuration compared to the previous plastic arrangement. Now obviously in-place, the solution looks far more purposeful than the previous afterthought. Large top guided hinges on the left and right provide far more ventilation and airflow, whilst the full height central pane creates a less-obstructed view across the countryside.

Aluminium clad windows in red brick house
Home with Aluminium clad RAL 7012 Basalt Grey windows

For the colour, we’re a big fan of the Basalt Grey choice. There are plenty of options within the mid-to-dark grey band, so it’s great when a customer choices something a little outside the norm. In this case, RAL7012 has a tiny hint of blue – just taking the overall effect somewhere different, compared to a more popular Anthracite Grey .

Products used:

  • STM Tinium
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    STM Tinium Double glazed windows in brick home
    Outward opening windows with hidden trickle vents
    STM Tinium RAL 7012 Bassalt Grey Windows
    STM Tinium Top guided and fixed window
    Topguided and side hung windows in a red Brick home
    Topguided STM Tinium window in timber clad home

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