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Aluminium-clad Mock Sliding Sash Windows for a Regency Townhouse in Bath

From our perspective, we are happy to work directly with any person in the build process. Although we mostly talk to the end customer, we always make sure that we have a good discussion with everyone involved so that we can be certain that the customer, the builder, the architect and everyone else is on the same page. For this project, one company took sole charge of the design and build, meaning that we had a very knowledgeable single point of contact to work with.

The result was a very cohesive project that combined three different products (and two different external surface materials as a result) in a natural and unified way. The fact that a timber Lacuna bifold door can be fixed directly to an aluminium-clad Rationel corner post and fixed light, just around the corner from a tilt-turn and a sliding door, with faux-sliding sashes above, and all of this looks perfectly integrated is a testament to the understanding and skill of our manufacturers.

However, replacing sliding sashes can pose a small problem for us. As a supplier who prides ourselves on offering the most airtight and well-insulating products, we are aware that sliding sashes are inherently terrible at providing both of these qualities, meaning that we are not the biggest fans of doing this. One solution would be a Vrogum’s class 4 airtight sliding sash but, for this particular project, the most appropriate solution was a fake sliding sash. Using Rationel FormaPlus as a base, the ‘sliding’ units actually open outwards with a typically traditional British glazing bar layout.

In general, the FormaPlus is a fantastic product for creating a modern, yet traditionally-styled build. The angled glazing bead and interior timber moulding take care of the traditional aspect. And the aluminium exterior provides a low-stress and low-maintenance surface – with no re-painting ever required.

The Rationel AuraPlus sliding door is created at the maximum possible manufacturing size. For some builders, maximum window sizes can create understandably frustrating situations. However, we never make exceptions or try to push a factory to make something that they’re uncomfortable with. As a result, we are confident that this very large item has not been stretched beyond the system’s capabilities and will be trouble-free for years to come.

Speaking of maximum sizes, the slim-framed 3-leaf bifolding door from Lacuna has also been created at the maximum possible width. This prompted an interesting situation in Denmark, where Lacuna decided to conduct further testing of their product. The result is that the factory has now increased its maximum size, confident that its product is more than capable of handling the stress.

RAL colours form a fundamental part of every product in our range. They allow us to offer different products in the same home without worrying about how different materials will affect the colour match and whether certain paints will react poorly with certain materials. When we order a product with a painted surface, we know the exact RAL code and the precise gloss level. We also know, because the paint is exclusively water-based, that our timber windows and doors are free to breathe, and can be confident that moisture will not be trapped within the product.

Products used:

  • Lacuna
  • Click the images below to enlarge

    Modern Front Door with Square Glass Cutouts
    FormaPlus Long Top Guided Window
    Full Size Rationel Sliding Door
    Inverse Cornerpost with Tilt Turn
    Lacuna Stainless Steel Main Handle
    Large Rationel Sliding Door
    Outward Opening Fake Sliding Sash
    Rationel FormaPlus with Trickle Vent in Head Frame
    Rationel Handle and Restrictor
    Rationel Windows with Lacuna Bifold Colour Match
    Right Angle Post Between Rationel and Lacuna
    Inverse Cornerpost
    Subtle Bathroom Privacy Glass
    Thin and Modern Scandinavian Fixed Window
    Traditional Glazing Bars on New Rationel Window

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