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Window and Door Upgrades for a Home near Banbury

Combining two different exterior wall finishes meant that the product and colour choice had to be versatile: suiting both backdrops. The Rationel AuraPlus composite window has very clean lines with a flush external finish, and the textured black colour enhances this profile. And the result? The window looks at home with both the white render and black timber cladding. As an additional bonus, the nature of an aluminium-clad timber system gives the customer the best of both worlds. The naturally well-insulating timber gives a soft and homely feel inside, and the aluminium exterior means that the units are very low-maintenance.

Glazing bars can be used to greatly alter the appearance of a property by creating physical breaks in large glazing areas. In this instance, we added horizontal bars to maintain the traditional aesthetic, but which avoided blocking too much light from entering the home. As these bars only appear to separate the glass panes (the spacer is placed within the glass unit itself), these additions do not affect the overall air tightness.

Although the overall style of this project was quite modern, we knew that the countryside around Banbury featured a few period properties. These astragal bars and colour choice alter the outward appearance of what would otherwise be a very modern flush window to make it appear more traditional and in keeping with the local glazing style. So our careful glazing design thus helped the home to fit in with its surroundings.

There were a large variety of doors on this project: both inward and outward opening double terraced doors, a panelled door built into a glazed screen and a glazed utility door around the side. The glazed screens were created from multiple separate units, and put together during the installation using the manufacturer’s specifically designed linking strips.

The whole project was installed using Tremco Illbruck’s i3 installation system, which ensures class 4 airtightness of the window and the installation. Enlightened Windows are a FENSA registered company.

At Enlightened Windows, we have the in-house ability to produce photo-realistic images of how your house would look with a particular type and style of window or door. This photo-realistic appearance of how new windows would look is very useful to customers in deciding the final style choice. Contact us directly to discover more!
Panelled Door in Glazed Screen
Double Doors with Juliet Balcony
Black Composite Windows and Black timber cladding
Double Doors Opening to Garden
Large Openable Windows
Textured Black Windows
Single large side hung window
Black Windows in White Render
Large Side Hung window interior
Granite Black Rationel Windows
Black Rationel Aluminium Clad Timber Windows
Large Glazed Rationel Screen
Fixed Light with an opener
Rationel Restricted Opener
Weather Seal Between Doors
Through frame venting
Double doors on two floors
Rationel Door Hinge
Rationel Hooded Trickle Vent
Terraced Door Slave leaf tab
Rationel Double Handles
Double Window in Render
Glazed Rationel Auraplus Screen
Rationel AuraPlus Corner Weld
Compriband Against Render

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