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Bradford upon Avon Timber-Clad Barn Conversion

Arguably the most modern combination of colour and product from a Danish manufacturer that we offer: Rationel AuraPlus with anthracite grey creates a flush and sleek appearance. The contrast with cedar timber cladding further enhances the effect, and a pure white interior finishes off the look, creating a bright and airy feeling inside.

As you’re looking through the photos, you may spot some flowers sitting on an external window cill. Despite looking almost identical to the rest, this particular window opens inwards with a tilt and turn mechanism. Tilt-turn windows offer the most versatility of any window opening type and we especially like Rationel’s offering due to its similarity to their outward-opening counterparts. Most tilt-turn frames are much wider and thicker, meaning that the AuraPlus tilt-turn is a great option to have.

We are also huge fans of the zinc yellow front door. We always encourage customers to choose colours which are different from the norm, as it makes individual homes so much more interesting. In the UK, we see so much white plastic that, when the opportunity arises to choose a bespoke alu-clad timber alternative, this should be taken advantage of.

In general, the Rationel AuraPlus window offers the best of all worlds: a sustainable and well-insulating timber frame combined with a maintenance-free aluminium exterior. The aluminium is powder-coated at a low-gloss level, so you won’t have large reflections bouncing off the aluminium in the sunlight.

Triple glazing is always a good option to consider. With Ug values around 0.5 and overall Uw values sitting happily below 1.0 (in some cases, 0.6), this is sure to be a well-insulated home. Naturally, this glass upgrade improves sound reduction as well as thermal insulation.

Modern Thin Danish Tilt Turn Window
Rationel AuraPlus Windows and Doors RAL7015
Rationel Flush Zinc Yellow Front Door
Rationel Tilt Turn with Trickle vent
Small Rationel AuraPlus Tilt Turn
Small Top guided Window
Timber Clad Stone Home with Danish Windows
Double Inward Opening Door from Rationel
Inward Opening Pure White Double Door
Dual Colour Rationel Front Door
Long Rationel AuraPlus Top guided Window
Slate Grey Rationel AuraPlus

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