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Cherington Brick Barn Conversion

A perfect example of what a traditional Danish window can do for a British property. This small barn conversion has been transformed thanks to a set of classically-styled STM Sapino windows with a stable door to match. Sapino is a knot-free engineered Nordic pine product – a fantastic choice when you need a durable timber solution.

STM Internal thumb turn lock
STM locking window handle

The decorative bars on every pane of glass are a slim 24mm, and do not physically separate the glass behind. This is much better for airtightness and insulation compared to older methods, and none of the style has been lost by making this change – we think this is always a smart choice.

STM Sapino Side Hung Windows

Even though the whole frame is timber, we have used powder-coated aluminium cills underneath. Whilst a timber cill would have worked, this is the part of the window where every droplet of rain will end up. Always, a timber cill is the first part of a timber window to show signs of wear. So we strongly recommend using an even more durable material in this area. Again, another smart choice that doesn’t negatively impact the overall appearance.

STM Sapino Side hung timber window hinge
STM Sapino Glazing bars in RAL 9001

There are other very simple and straightforward aspects to this Danish window that also help longevity – items such as the lower glazing bead extending just slightly further outwards may seem so obviously useful to help take water away from the window when you think about it, but so many other timber products don’t consider the help this provides.

Stable doors are noticeably more rare in Denmark than in the UK, yet we work with a couple of factories who still enjoy offering them to English clients. There is only one rule – they must open outwards. Both the Danish and the German window industry is far ahead of our own in terms of product airtightness, and an inward-opening stable door is inherently poor in this area. In this project, you can see that the outward-opening solution works rather well thanks to the adjacent wall. We included hinges that projected slightly further outwards to make sure it would sit against that wall correctly.

STM External Sapino Stable Door open
STM Stable door inside closed

Every window you see only has one opening half – the other is actually fixed in place. The reason why they look the same is because we employed the use of dummy casements. These help to take the product that extra step design-wise. Without them, the window would still be happily functional, but would lack symmetry, and this small detail could spoil the look of an entire project. We are very keen on promoting this extra design choice as it helps every part of window and door line-through without anything looking out of place.

STM painted Timber window with Glazing bars
Sidehung and Fake Sash

Products used:

  • STM Sapino
  • Click the images below to enlarge

    STM Sapino Stable Door with Glazing bars
    STM Sapino Sidehung and False Sash windows
    Sidehung and False Sash
    STM Sapino RAL 9001 Door and Windows
    STM Sapino Stable Door handle and lock
    STM Stable Door External hinges
    Open STM Stable Door
    STM window installed into a red brick home
    RAL 9001 Cream White STM Sapino
    Red brick house with stm sapino windows
    STM door locking plate
    STM sapino with glazing bars internal
    STM sapino window with trickle vent
    STM sapino with plugs covering the attachement points

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