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Contemporary Cotswold New Build

The Rationel AuraPlus is marketed as a modern product: perfect for projects aiming for a contemporary design. We feel that this definition could be much wider. The AuraPlus is a flush composite window with clean right-angles and minimalist styling. As a result, the product works in almost any setting.

For this project in particular, the choice of traditional building materials shows a desire for a more in-keeping new build home. Yet the low-gloss aluminium of the modern AuraPlus works perfectly.

The main feature-area of the home is what appears to be a set of windows spanning the whole height of the house, which is wider than it is tall overall. A glazed area such as this is often mistaken for curtain-walling – a very expensive solution. In reality, there is a steel beam separating the two floors: essential for providing structural support. But this beam is clearly hidden. Our solution was to provide a length of aluminium, powder-coated to match the windows and installed flush with the window frames themselves. We think that this has produced an elegant result.

A similar flush design is displayed in the 90-degree corner post. Rationel manufacture their own posts so that they can ensure that the finished result of a bay or corner window will look perfectly aligned. Using a specifically designed item with the same depth as the windows on either side ensures that the more complex areas come together seamlessly.

Continuing the theme of seamlessly coming together, the main front door of a home can make or break an aesthetic. A contrasting stand-out colour could be used to make the entrance area a true feature. Or, in this case, extending the soft Pebble Grey colour to the main entrance door maintains the home’s overall design without any unnecessary additions. In our view, Rationel panel doors offer fantastic value for money, exceptional choice and the highest possible quality whilst also providing Passivhaus-suitable U-values.

The lift and slide door, also in the Rationel AuraPlus, presents a truly smooth sliding solution. A sliding door this size without a lifting mechanism can often be difficult to open due to its own weight – this is the main advantage of a Rationel lift-and-slide. Furthermore, the long handle can be turned at any point when sliding the door to place the sliding section back down and hold it in position.

Aluminium Clad Timber Corner Post
Aluminium Clad Steel Beam
Composite Windows in Stone Building
Large Angled Scandinavian Design Window
Large Composite Lift and Slide Door
Large Glass Expanse with Alu Clad Steel Beam
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Modern Rationel AuraPlus Composite Windows
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Pebble Grey Alu clad timber composite window
Pebble Grey Composite Windows
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Rationel Right Angle Corner Window
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Single Side Hung Rationel AuraPlus
Tall Side Hung Window
Thin Danish Fixed Lights Built into External Frame
Thin Sidehung Danish Window

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