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Cotswold Farmhouse Extension

This is the type of project true to where we first started as a business: all the opening windows are the German tilt-turn style, triple glazed inside an aluminium-clad timber frame. Great airtightness and great practicality thanks to tried and tested German engineering and some Scandinavian design. Perfect! Also, there’s an outward opening double entrance door but they have those in Germany too, so we’re still counting it as true to our routes.

Oak clad posts sparating fixed and tilt turn triple glazed STM windows
Double outward opening entrance door with tilt turn doors either side

The main thing that has changed for us is the STM Tinium product you see here. When we first started out, it was a solid mid-range solution with a huge options list that made it a jack-of-all-trades. Now though, STM has evolved and focused the product into the best thermally-performing window we’re able to offer with the best possible energy class in Denmark.

Outward opening double entrance door with internal thumb turn
Double outward opening entrance door

For the window aficionados out there, you may notice that the large tilt-turn with fixed frame combination unit isn’t actually a combination unit… The Tinium product becoming a high-end performance option had the side-effect of becoming really quite heavy… So it’s not sensible to manufacture the largest possible unit when the same item could be split into into more risk-free parts.

internal view of a Tilt Turn window joined to a fixedlight
Tilt Turn window joined to a fixedlight

Stone cills and oak-clad posts look great! Stone cills actually look better than our standard aluminium cill option. Add in the awesome weather-proof seal that is compriband tape for the install, and you get a nice black outline to finish off the look.

Fixed window installed on a red tile cill with black compriband weather seal and oak clad post
tile cill inder tilt turn and fixed windows with oak clad posts

Strangely, the most important that made this project work to the architect’s specification was STM’s inclusion of a small polyamide break within the outer frame. The majority of clip-on aluminium-clad windows would not have worked with the overlapping timber posts inbetween the main run of windows. Clip-on systems require a completely clear space on all four sides of the frame, so the timber post situation would have had to have been completely re-designed from ground up. STM’s polyamide break fully separates the timber interior with the aluminium exterior; creating a far more compliant product to install into a larger variety of projects.

Products used:

  • STM Tinium
  • Click the images below to enlarge

    STM Tinium tilt turn windows and doors installed into cotswold home
    tile cill inder tilt turn and fixed windows
    Tile Turn Door with black stone cill and trickle vent
    Tilted open tilt turn and fixed hallway windows
    Triple glazed STM Tinium glazed hallway
    Closed tilt turn and fixed hallway windows
    Cotswold home with new STM Tinium triple glazed Danish windows and doors
    glazed hallway on tile cill with oak clad posts
    Glazed hallway with oak clad posts
    glazed hallway with tilted open tilt turn window
    Internal view of an STM Tinium tilt turn door
    Outward opening double entrance doors with tilt turn doors to either side
    Open tilt turn and fixed hallway windows

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