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Energy Efficiency Improvement in Wellesbourne Village Home

In this home, we encountered quite old UK-made timber windows and, understandably, our customer did not want to deal with maintaining their windows ever again. However, it was important to keep the traditional timber appearance. So, composite windows were the obvious solution: STM Tinium gives you all the benefits of a timber windows, but without ever needing re-painting.

Red Stone home with Aluminium clad windows and doors
STM Glazed door in a brick home

To further the idea that these windows shouldn’t be too far away from the originals, a small number of decorative bars were placed horizontally across each unit. We’re huge fans of keeping these glazing bars to a minimum, since ordering lots of them is expensive, cuts out light and makes windows more awkward to clean.

STM Tinium side hung windows in RAL 7038 Agate Grey
Double doors with sidelights and a window above

Since Danish handles tend to be quite sleek and modern, more traditional UK-style options were sourced. The door handle shown has the black iron-forged finish, and the lock cover above was colour-matched to that. As you can see, the Danish lock and handle arrangement is the other way up compared to most UK doors, so sourcing suitable handles and backplates is not an easy task for these products!

STM Tinium Glazed door with two horizontal glazing bars
Aftermarket Handle fitted to an aluminium clad timber door

We really like the mid-light grey colour on the external aluminium: Agate Grey isn’t a standard colour for any of our factories, yet a few customers have been drawn towards it. Especially on red brick properties, this colour really is a great alternative to a “normal” white or grey – you can really see the difference as it contrasted again the white conservatory. The code for this is RAL 7038.

red brick home with STM Tinium windows and doors
STM Tinium door with sidelights aand Horizontal glazing bars

We enlisted the help of a friendly builder for the large window upstairs: the customer wanted to have a much better view out across the countryside, so the brickwork beneath the existing window was carefully toothed-out. By agreeing the new structural height with the builder, we were able to get the new window on order before any building work started.

Products used:

  • STM Tinium
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    Aluminium Clad Door in RAL 7038 Agate Grey at 30gloss level
    RAL 7038 Agate Grey windows in a red brick home
    RAL 7038 Agate Grey Aluminium clad timber windows with Glazing bars
    RAL 7038 Side hung windows with fake sash
    STM Tinium doors and windows in a cotswold home

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