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Industrial Steel Style Windows Moreton-in-Marsh

A fantastic appearance thanks to a combination of products, with the contrast on proud show on the front elevation. The thin black aluminium frames are all a thermally-broken heritage product, and the timber front door is painted Nordic pine from one of our Danish ranges.

Perhaps not obvious from the photos, the thin black glazing bars on the heritage aluminium windows do not physically separate the glass units. For two reasons, this is a good option to choose. This way, the negative effects to the thermal performance are not as strong (all glazing bars negatively affect thermal performance because they create a extra thermal bridges). Also, simply, they are the more cost-effective solution!

Alitherm heritage window with a PPC Black finish and an arched head
Aluminium clad arched head on Alitherm Heritage Black PPC window with trickle vent

Of course, the centre focus on the front of the house is the beautiful Sky Blue (RAL5015) front door. Whilst the colour is a unique feature, the door also has a customised panel layout and an aftermarket handle set up. Furthermore, the customer wished to retain a part of their old front door. So, the central door knocker was attached to this new unit.

Black handles are surprisingly rare in Denmark, and this does matter because aftermarket handles from the UK don’t fit into Danish door mechanisms. This traditional black door handle was shipped directly from an aftermarket supplier in Denmark.

Aftermarket black handle and lock cover for RAL 5015 Sky Blue Unik Funkis Entrance door
Aftermarket door knocker installed on RAL 5015 Unik Funkis Door

Moving onto the door itself: the slow-grown Nordic pine arrangement was created by Unik Funkis in Northern Denmark. Clearly, not glazed, but each panel insert is the thickness of a triple glazed unit, increasing thickness at the central raised part. Combine this with the panel being full of PUR foam, and the result is a very well insulating door. In terms of durability and maintenance, Unik go above and beyond with their factory paint application. Industry standard paint thickness is around 70-80 microns, and most of our factories apply at least double that. Unik’s timber paint finish goes beyond 200 microns, so we’re confident this painted timber door is going to be happy for many years to come.

Unik Funkis Aluminium clad Entrance door in RAL 5015 Sky Blue with Black handle and lock
Unik Funkis Aluminium clad Entrance door in RAL 5015 Sky Blue with Black Alitherm heritage windows

Products used:

  • Unik Funkis
  • Alitherm Heritage
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    Black alitherm windows with glazing bars and arched heads
    Black powedercoated Aluminium doors
    Alitherm heritage double doors with horizontal bars
    Alitherm heritage triple glazed aluminium window with two horizontal glazing bars

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