Long Compton Thatch Cottage Glazing Upgrade

Although this is a relatively small project (only two windows and one double door), it embodies so many of the qualities and design choices that we and our customers love. This project really showcases the beauty of Danish timber.

Starting with perhaps the most obvious: Pebble Grey (RAL 7032) is a very popular colour from us. It works incredibly well with so many Cotswold properties and, although it’s not marketed as such, we feel it is the ultimate “Cotswold Green”. In this case, the windows are engineered timber, so it makes a lot of sense cost-wise to have the same colour inside and out. Pebble Grey works perfectly well with this, as the colour feels very soft as an internal finish: not distractingly dark or blindingly bright.

The standard option for hinges on STM Sapino are those shown here: the galvanised steel option is by far the most popular in Denmark, and this is simply a classic and durable choice. Having the same hinge finish on both doors and windows might sound obvious from a consistency perspective, but you would be surprised how many factories don’t do this. There are clearly no inconsistencies here; the STM windows and doors were clearly designed with the same vision in mind.

This consistent design language continues to the handles. Here, the terrace door handle is simply a larger version of the window handle. Again, so simple, but rarely implemented.

Back to the hinges, and we come to very useful feature. To hold a timber window open, most people are used to having a bar at the base of the window with holes punched through. This is not needed here, as there is a handle-operated friction brake on every opening casement. Putting the handle down when the window is open at any point will hold the window in place. And the best part? This also works for the main door leaf.

Even though we love Danish timber, there is one area where we will always recommend using aluminium. The external window cill is the the place where all rainwater will end up after it’s run down the window above, so this is the area that must be as durable as possible to ensure the product lasts its full lifespan. On older homes, the timber windows themselves might look perfect, but signs of wear will often be easily visible on the cill below. For this reason, we give our windows every opportunity to be problem-free, and aluminium pressings are used underneath. Of course, they are carefully colour-matched, so they blend in seamlessly.

Products used:

  • STM Sapino
  • Click the images below to enlarge

    STM Sapino side hung windows with central fake sash
    sapino sidehung window with a single horizontal glazing bar
    STM non locking window handle 1 1
    STM Sapino
    STM Sapino external frame and glazing bar profile
    STM Sapino sidehung and false sash centre mullion
    STM Sapino double sidehung window central mullion
    STM Sapino internal glazing bar
    STM sidehung hinge and window cill
    STM Sapino sidehung windows with a single glazing bar
    Open double terrace door with internal thumb turn lock
    Open STM Sapino terrace door in RAL 7032 Pebble Grey
    STM Sapino Terrace door with internal thumbturn lock
    STM Sapino double terrace door
    STM Sapino terrace door in RAL 7032 pebble grey
    STM Sapino terrace door with glazing bars internal
    STM Sapino window installed with a mortar fillet
    STM sidehung friction brake bracket
    STM internal low profile aluminium door threshold
    STM Internal thumb turn and window handle on a terrace door
    STM low profile trickle vents
    internal view of the STM sidehung window hinge

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