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Major Acoustic Performance Improvement in Worcester

The annoyance of being unable to block out the noise of constant traffic outside your home can quickly become beyond irritating. This detached home in Worcester is positioned on a fast and busy country road. Everything from tractors to motorbikes easily breached the old plastic double glazed windows, so we were keen to help improve the situation!

Double outward opening STM Tinium Entrance Door

Triple glazing was an obvious start. Combine that with a subtle tweak to the glass to give a better acoustic reduction, and insert into a class 4 airtight Danish alu-clad timber frame. On paper, that recipe sounds pretty quiet…and, of course, it works in reality too.

Further to this upgrade, it was a great opportunity to open up the kitchen to the back garden. A Lacuna bifold (again, class 4 airtight!) replaced a dated set of double plastic door with fixed frames either side; a fully-glazed fixed frame when in around the corner; and a window opening was extended downwards to allow for a full-height double door. This increase in glass area obviously improves the view out, but also creates a lighter and more airy kitchen and living space.

Fully open Lacuna Bifold Door
Lacuna Bifold door with STM Tinium windows

A similar thought was brought to life in the bedroom above the kitchen: this dormer window used to be in 3 sections, which resulting in an obtrusive number of vertical splits. Reducing this down to just two topguided openers looks far cleaner and, again, gives the room a much lighter feel. Conveniently, this switch in design also brought this bedroom up to speed with the latest fire egress regulations.

Actual Closed STM Tinium Tilt Turn window
Tilted Open STM Tinium Tilt Turn window
Turned open STM Tinium Tilt Turn window

Products used:

  • STM Tinium
  • Lacuna
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    STM Tinium window upgrade for a home in the cotswolds
    Cotswold home energy efficiency upgrade with Triple glazed STM Tinium and Lacuna windows and doors
    Double top guided STM Tinium windows internal open
    Double Topguided STM Tinium windows Internal
    Lacuna bifold door lower hinge and roller mechanism
    STM Tinium double side hung window with cant brick cill under an awning
    STM Tinium Fixedlight internal
    Colour coded aluminium cill under a lacuna bifold door

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