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Modernisation of Large Cotswold Family Home

A very memorable project for us as it marks a period of time where we were all working from home. A lot of the remote design work and discussions from this home helped us to realise so much more was possible without most of the travelling and fuel usage.

The result is another beautiful example of a Cotswold home with the RAL7032 Pebble Grey exterior. Adding the colour coded hinges give the greater opening area of a side hinged window, without having the normally shiny steel hinges glittering in the sunlight – much more subtle.

Double side hung Aluminium clad Timber windows with colour matched hinges
Top Guided STM Tinium Toplight

RAL 9001 is a cream white; often used on the interior due to its slightly warmer tone than the brighter white options. Combine that with the black handles on both doors and windows, and we have a rather clean and smart design all around.

RAL 9001 Cream white internal finish for STM Tinium windows
STM Tinium Cream White picture window

Slightly beyond the windows, timber cladding clad separates the upper and lower screens at the back of the house. A few options were discussed here, but this is definitely the best one. Ultimately, we the removal of a small balcony section

Those large screen had a few different ideas discussed too. In the end, the equally-split sections made a lot of logical sense, and slightly increasing the size of the small windows at each corner just makes them more useful compared to the old, tiny plastic openers.

STM tinium double glazed screen
STM tinium glazed screen with Timber cladding over the central flitch plate

We’ve used Compriband weather sealing tape and an expanding foam air-seal for energy efficiency and a long lasting installation, no silicone here! As well as being a premium insulation seal, the product frames the windows with a dark shadow gap.

Before and After STM Tinium Alu clad Timber Cotswold Home

Products used:

  • STM Tinium
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    Compriband tape installed STM Tinium windows
    Cotswold stone home with RAL 7032 Pebble Grey windows
    cotswold stone home with two story glazed screen and outward opening windows
    Cotswold Stone house with 4 meter glazed screen
    Cotswold Stone house with STM Aluminium clad windows and doors
    Double door with Sidelights and fanlights
    STM Tinium aluminium clad window
    STM Tinium Bay window
    STM Tinium entrance door with Black aftermarket handles
    STM Tinium triple side guided windows with colour coded hinges and false mullions

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