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North Oxfordshire Ironstone House Triple Glazed Refurbishment

Mid-grey with traditional glazing bars and side hung hinges; you’d be forgiven for thinking this is simply another UK timber joinery install. However, behind the traditional appearance lies a low-maintenance product, with a lifespan of over 80 years and a glass unit with a 0.53 Ug value.

Rationel FormaPlus is a modern composite window, yet is designed to look traditional. So is a great option for period properties that need a worthwhile window upgrade. Placing the thin layer of aluminium on the otherwise fully-timber window creates all the positives with none of the normal drawbacks of using metal within a window frame.

To achieve equal, consistent frames throughout, dummy sashes were included on fixed glazing. This gives the appearance of an opening casement, so avoids the sometimes strange frame thickness difference. Whilst asking the factory to do this will add cost, the lifespan of these windows is over 80 years, so a lot of customers are happy to select this visual option as they will be installed in the home for a very long time – they may as well look good for a long time.

Rationel FormaPlus Sidehung and False sash window with glazing bars
Small sidehung rationel Formaplus window with two horizontal glazing bars

Complementing these windows, a vertically grooved door offers both style and functionality. With an incredible overall U value of 0.67, this door excels in thermal insulation, aligning perfectly with the commitment to energy efficiency upheld by Rationel.

Rationel Slate Grey Panel Door with vertical grooves and a sidehung window
RAL 7015 Slate Grey aluminium clad Rationel FormaPlus door and windows

Creating fully-arched windows is a hugely expensive manufacturing technique for a composite window because timber, aluminium and glass all need to meet a precise curve. The far more cost-effective and equally-attractive solution is to produce a rectangular window, and carefully profile an additional aluminium section to apply above.

Rationel Formaplus windows Cotswold stone home with horizontal glazing bars
Triple glazed Rationel windows with Alu clad Arched Head

RAL 7015 Slate grey window and door upgrade for cotswold stone home
Sidehung windows with horizontal glazing bars and false sashes
Triple glazed Sidehung window upgrade for cotswold home

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