Renovation and Extension on the Cotswolds Border

Right on the edge of the official Cotswolds boundary, the road-facing side of this project suggests another “normal” Cotswold stone home. However, wandering around to the rear of the property reveals a very different architectural design. Render and dark timber cladding create a neat contrast in an otherwise set-design run of housing.

As with all our outward-opening composite windows, the trickle vents are completely invisible from the outside. This helps us in both the traditional stone sections and the windows set in the rear: the plastic-style hood vents were obviously not present on a classic UK timber window, neither should they be present on a clean and minimalist modern approach.

The satin chrome handles bring the two parts together too. Not out-of-place in either half, this key-locking option is simple, yet effective. Certainly not an over-design as we tend to see on other options. It also allowed us to continue the satin chrome theme to the glazed entrance door – lever handles, key-lock outside and thumbturn inside all share the same finish.

Focusing on the thumbturn on the inside of the door: this is becoming the more popular option for us. Having a key-lock both sides would have been the natural request a few years ago but, more recently, customers are appreciating the easier-to-live-with thumbturn option. From an outside attacker perspective, the security of the door is exactly the same on either choice.

Products used:

  • STM Tinium
  • Click the images below to enlarge

    double sideguided stm window with central fixed sash
    fixedlight and side hung aluminium clad timber window
    STM sidehung windows with trickle vents internal
    STM Tinium sidehung window with horizontal glazing bar
    STM side hung window with horizontal glazing bar
    STM Tinium keylocking window handle
    STM Tinium top guided window 150cm wide
    Topguided stm window with open trickle vent
    STM Tinium glazed entrance door with external keylock
    STM Entrance door with thumb turn lock inside internal

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