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Warwickshire Modern Scandinavian Family Home

Some very minimalist design language, with the slight twist of Olive Green within the white render. The extended gable roofline and (obviously) the Danish windows really makes this home look like it’s been lifted out of Scandinavia.

Averaging out the overall U-values for the windows bring us easily below 1.0, and everything has the best-possible class 4 airtight rating – quite a nice middle ground for a newbuild: way better than UK Building Regulations suggest, but not going so far that you hit Passivhaus prices.

Despite a couple of different manufacturers being used, all the ironmongery matches in a typical Danish fashion. Stainless hinges are present on both the Lacuna bifolds and the STM windows. And the satin steel front door handles match the finish of those at the rear and the double doors at the side.

Olive Green STM Tinium Panel door with vertical grooves glass pane and sidelight
STM Tinium Panel Door Handle and Keylock

The 3-leaf bifold doors at the rear of the property have some of the widest possible door leaves, with each overall structural opening being around 3m in width. Combining that with the very slim Lacuna frames has created a huge amount of glass area that’s completely openable. With both doors having a odd number of panels folding together, both doors therefore have the convenience of a normal master door as the first opening leaf. With this, you can use the door as though it were just a normal back door without needing to fold it open every time.

Lacuna Bifolds and STM Tinium Windows in Rendered Cotswold Home
RAL 6003 Olive Green Lacuna Bifold Door

Products used:

  • STM Tinium
  • Lacuna
  • Click the images below to enlarge

    Lacuna Bifold Door in RAL 6003 Olive Green
    STM Tinium outward opening glazed double entrance door
    STM Tinium window upgrade for Rendered Home
    Class 4 airtightness Bifold installed with Polyeurathane Weather Sealing foam tape
    Fire egress compliant double Side Hung window with False Sash
    LAcuna Bifold under STM Tinium Windows
    Brushed stainless steel keylocking bifold door
    STM Tinium Door size window with toughened and laminated glass

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