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Lacuna Bi-Fold Doors

Lacuna Bifold Door Details
Bifold Doors

Key Features

Price Range£££££
Lead Time5-7 weeks
MaintenanceNo further treatment required for 20-30 years
Best U-Value0.9 W/m^2k
Finishes Any RAL Colour
GlazingDouble, Triple, Obscure, Solar, Toughened
Performance and
Airtightness to class 4 standards
Class 1 Durability Timber
Highest quality ironmongery - all hardware is Danish marine-grade materials
Water Tightness to class E1200
Security Tested to EN1627-30/PAS24
Maximum Sizes6m wide, 2.7m high. Each leaf can be up to 1m wide.
Manufactured inDenmark

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Further Details:

We are very excited to supply the Danish-made Lacuna Bi-Fold Doors range.
These stunning wooden Bi-fold doors offer unique durability and exceptional performance that is not usually associated with bi-folding doors.

We have chosen to add this product to our range, as we feel it equals the quality of our German products. The product firmly kicks into touch many of the traditional problems and difficulties in using bi-fold doors in a project.

Lacuna doors are a totally new approach to Bi-Fold doors and really bring the outside in, coupled with astounding performance. Performance is so often the failure point of the competition to Lacuna, with stories on Youtube of leaking and draughty Bi-Fold Doors being commonplace. There are very few downsides to this product. One of the more common questions is whet we can provide an aluminium-clad version. Although the answer is no, the treated timber is designed to be just as low-maintenance. As a result, we believe it is not necessary. Architects are sitting up and taking note as it’s so different.

Lacuna products use German-made Heat treated Beech; offering the slimmest profile of any timber bifold door. This timber has a rather special characteristic of class 1 durability (very similar to teak) and all importantly offers very low U Values and high airtightness. See the technical downloads and test data for more information. Unlike many bifold, this product also offers exceptional airtightness and watertightness.

Lacuna products can either be provided painted or oiled. When using German Heat Treated timber, painted doors that are not particularly exposed often don’t need further treatment for 20 years. Oiled oak is also available, and this option does require regular re-oiling.

The painting process used for these exceptional units is founded on automotive manufacturing techniques with a 2 stage prime and sand process with 2-3 layers of finishing paint then used depending on the colour.

Configurations and Accessories

We are able to offer a very attractive range of configurations: allowing the doors to be used effectively as simple day-to-day exits and also allowing the user to bring the outdoors in when it suits. Again, this feature redefines Bi-Fold Doors. The owner of Lacuna designed the product to eradicate many of the typical objections to using Bi-Fold Doors. He put it in his own home. Then refined, redesigned, lived with it and got the design just perfect. It really shows when you see and use the product. Like any product with extensive user-testing, Lacuna Bi-Fold Doors are a joy to use.

Lacuna Bi-Fold Doors are a very valuable addition to our ever increasing range of products.

For more details see the attached PDF brochure which gives full details of this exceptional quality product.

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