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Lacuna Bifold Door Gallery

Lacuna’s bi-folding doors are truly unique. As the doors hang from the top, there is no need for a track in the threshold, meaning that everyday dirt and dust has nowhere to collect and cannot ruin the smoothness of the sliding door. The doors themselves have the slimmest profile available in the UK and can be manufactured up to a metre wide.

There are so many configurations available: for some inspiration, browse the images below.

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Below are a few of our favourite Lacuna images from our client galleries

Brushed stainless steel keylocking bifold door
Lacuna Bifolds and STM Tinium Windows in Rendered Cotswold Home
RAL 6003 Olive Green Lacuna Bifold Door

Lacuna bifold door lower hinge and roller mechanism
Lacuna Bifold door with STM Tinium windows
Cotswold home energy efficiency upgrade with Triple glazed STM Tinium and Lacuna windows and doors

Lacuna Bi fold weight bearing mechanism
Lacuna bi fold door with a central trickle vent
LAcuna Bi fold Door with Timber arched head

Brand New Danish Bifold Doors
New home with Lacuna Bifolding Doors
New home with Lacuna Bifold Doors

Right Angle Post Between Rationel and Lacuna
Rationel Windows with Lacuna Bifold Colour Match
Lacuna Bifold With Corner Post

Lacuna are able to offer a diverse number of configurations

for more on the configuration options we have the “Configuration” section of our Lacuna product page.

Modern Extension with Bifold Doors
Natural Wood Bifold Open
Traditional Bifold Door with Glazing Bars
White Lacuna Bifold Doors
7 Leaf Bifold Door
Bifold Windows in Flats
Closed 8 Leaf Lacuna Bifold
Lacuna Bifold Side View
Traditional White Bifold Doors
Traditional Cottage with Bifold Doors
Double 5 Leaf Bifold Doors
Natural Wood Bifold Door
6 Leaf Bifold Door Open
3 Leaf Bifold Door
Bifold Doors with Glazing Bars
Bifold on the 1st Floor
White Bifold Doors
Bifold Door with Horizontal Glazing Bars
Lacuna Bifold Low Threshold

A few more images on the technical side

Lacunas technical side really is where they shine, low U-vlaues, fantastic air-tightness, and long lasting materials. we’ve gone into, possibly too much depth in our “Airtight Bifold Doors – Important Long Term Factors” blog post
for a more technical configuration guide we have the “Configuration” section of our Lacuna product page.

Lacuna Main Door Handle
Triple Seal Cross Section
Lacuna Threshold Runner
Lacuna Glazing Bar
Traffic Door Clip
Lacuna Top Roller
Traffic Door Restraint
Lacuna Hinge and Expanding Tape
Head Cross Section
Lacuna Top Roller
Traffic Door Clip
Alternative Lacuna Handle

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