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Composite Windows

Our range of wooden aluminium composite windows offers simply the best style and performance available.

Our extensive range of composite windows are made from an engineered structure of wood and aluminium. The wooden frame of the window is fully engineered and provides a good, yet attractive insulating structure to the overall window. All of our wood-alu windows have uniquely welded, polished and powder coated joints on the external aluminium corners; thus providing OUTSTANDING durability and longevity as there are no bare aluminium to bare aluminium joints on the corners.

Tilt and Turn – Made In Germany

All of our German products also feature butyl rubber weather seals which retain their elasticity and performance for decades. Our timber is all German manufactured laminated timber which offers the finest durability and stability. Most noteworthy, our face timber is knot and defect free.

Scandinavian Design

Take a look at our NEW eco-friendly glass wood composite window: combining a unique design with an all-glass exterior. This is the first window on the market with an almost 100% maintenance free exterior. Only cleaning is necessary. Consequently, the window will look new and stylish throughout the building’s lifetime.

If what you’re after is a timber that is maintenance-free, our STM Tinium, with a thin aluminium plate to protect the exterior timber face, has an excellent 10 year warranty.


Nordic Pine clad with Aluminium, Rationel’s Forma and Aura Plus models are cost-effective and energy-efficient. With a U value of 0.79 they are also suitable for Passive House installs.