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What is a Composite Window?

A composite window is a wooden window which has an outer skin of aluminium: removing the need for regular maintenance. These are the most popular product we sell as a result. Many of our composite products are available in an identical style to their wood-only equivalent, so having a maintenance free wood-alu which doesn’t need regular external painting and matches as the same insulation properties as timber is unsurprisingly a sought-after request. This product group is available in all opening styles for both doors and windows: outward, inward, tilt-turn and sliding doors.
We have 3 main groups which are all chosen as high quality options that we would be more than happy using in our own homes.
We offer this choice purely so customers have a choice of style and appearance, rather than us limiting our range to just one manufacturer like many distributors.

STM windows

STM composite windows are very different to our other ranges in that the aluminium exterior can be rendered or be pointed directly to the building. Again, we are one of the longest standing distributors of this product which offers various timber stain finishes and size choices not available in any other composite window range.

Unik Funkis – Scandinavian Composite Window

Unik Funkis are one of the very few factories who can create a thermally-broken aluminium-clad timber composite window. This type of product has a warm timber internal frame, a low-maintenance aluminium external frame, and a polyamide barrier in-between those two materials.

German Products

Our German product is as you would expect: a luxury quality item with outstanding engineering and offering unprecedented choices of colours and internal timbers. The performance and appearance is the best the global window market can offer. This does, however, come with a higher price tag. The following ranges is available as tilt and turn only and has a thicker frame section better suited to houses with large amounts of glazing, so the frame and glass sit in better proportion.

All of our German wood-alu windows have uniquely welded, polished and powder coated joints on the external aluminium corners. This provides outstanding durability and longevity as there are no bare aluminium to bare aluminium joints on the corners.

Scandinavian Design

Take a look at our new eco-friendly glass wood composite window: combining a unique design with an all-glass exterior. This is the first window on the market with an almost 100% maintenance-free exterior. Only cleaning is necessary. Consequently, the window will look new and stylish throughout the building’s lifetime.