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C Series Flush Composite Window

 C Series Flush Composite Window

 C Series Flush Tilt Turn Window

Key Features

Typical Lifespan50 years +
Lead Time8-12 weeks
Best U-Value0.75 W/m^2k
External FinishesAluminium - Any Colour
Internal FinishesNatural or Stained/Oiled Wood
Hardwood - Oak, Meranti
Softwood - Larch, Spruce, Slow Grown Pine
Stains & Oils
Painted Wood
Painted Finishes - Any Colour
GlazingDouble, Triple, Solar
Acoustic, Tinted
Construction6 Laminations of Timber
Up to 4 Seals
Welded & Polished Material
Maximum SizesPlease Ask
Manufactured inGermany

As is the norm in Germany, this window is inward-opening, tilt-turn only.

Further Details:

The C Series flush composite window is one of our German manufactured tilt-turn composite windows. The powder coated aluminium-wooden structure totally protects the window. Therefore, external paint is not necessary on the C Series. Furthermore, a free draining and free ventilating gap around the aluminium ensures that the wooden structure of the window can breathe and perform naturally, whilst still maintaining high performance.

This range of wooden-aluminium windows provides a virtually maintenance-free product, only requiring periodic washing and lubrication of the moving parts. In addition, the product offers a much more attractive alternative to UPVC, representing the next generation of windows to future-proof your home.

The C series offers an architectural flush finish. Featuring narrow wing views and modern contours, the C series flush composite window has an angular, clear appearance.

Uniquely, we can manufacture the aluminium in soft low sheen, with a matt finish to give a warm appearance not usually seen on an aluminium product. Finally, as with most of our composite products, the C Series flush composite window uses water-based paints. These substantially delay yellowing and ageing of the paint internally. Hence, we can offer a product with a typical life expectancy of over 50 years.

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