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STM Composite Aluminium clad Timber Frame
Tinium 2+ & 2020 Chop Sample

STM Tinium and Tinium 2+

Quality, Durability, and Low Maintenance.

The STM Tinium window combines the natural look of a timber frame with the practicality of an aluminium-wrapped exterior. Unlike the majority of other composite windows, the aluminium on this product can be sealed directly to the building. Most other products have an aluminium rain screen, which needs to be left completely clear-draining and clear-ventilating. This product can thus be installed in a more traditional way. Water never comes into contact with the timber, and the timber is guaranteed to be a knot-free finger-jointed finish.

Tinium 2+ is the double glazed counterpart to the STM Tinium triple glazed window.

The powder-coated aluminium requires no maintenance, other than washing a few times a year. Discover more about the unique construction of this Scandinavian composite window at the links below.

  • Whilst the timber frame means excellent natural insulation and a classic appearance, the composite material is used for the joints in the frame. This ensures that a moisture-resistant material is used in areas where the unit is most vulnerable to the elements.

    STM’s aluminium profile goes through a nine-step manufacturing process and only the highest quality powder coating is used. The result is a sturdy, beautiful and premium-quality finish.

    Drainage in the unit – built in as standard – ensures that rainwater runs straight off the window. As a result, water does not come into contact with either the timber or with other parts of the building.

    With the Tinium aluminium-clad window, appearance and functionality will be as good as new, year after year.

    STM Windows is a Danish manufacturer of high quality, made-to-order windows and doors which include both timber (softwood, mahogany and oak) and aluminium clad products.

    With over 45 years’ experience and utilising state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, STM Windows’ focus is on delivering high quality, superb products supported by first-class service and back-up.

    STM have a complete range of windows and doors to provide the perfect solution for your dream home. Their products achieve the highest levels of energy and environmental performance to ensure comfort that won’t cost the earth

  • DesignInterior: Knot-free timber heartwood
    Rebate: Highly insulating and maintenance-free composite structure
    Exterior: Aluminium Profiles
    Warranty10 years
    Lead Time8-10 weeks from sign off
    Best U-ValueOverall: 0.8 W/m^2k
    Ug: 0.40 W/m^2k
    Finishes Any RAL Colour
    for both timber and aluminium
    Click here for standard colours
    GlazingDouble, Triple, Obscure, Solar, Laminated, Toughened
    Performance and
    2 or 3 layers of low-energy glass panes, with a warm edge
    Highly Insulating and Maintenance-Free Composite Structure
    All units are filled and sanded before painting (130-140 microns)
    Manufactured inDenmark

  • Fixed Frame

    Fixed Frame Configuration

    Side Guided

    Side Guided Configuration

    Side Hung

    Side Hung Configuration

    Top Guided

    Top Guided Configuration

    Tilt and Turn*

    Tilt Turn Configuration

    * Tilt and Turn is only available in the Tinium triple glazed.

  • Single Door

    Entrance Door Configuration

    Double Doors

    French Doors Configuration

    Tilt and Turn*

    Tilt Turn Configuration

    Sliding Door*

    Sliding Door Configuration

    * Tilt-Turn and Sliding doors are only available in triple glazed.

    We have and extensive range of doors available in STM Tinium, the images above show some of the general configuration options available. For more information about the opening types and how each can best be used see our Bespoke Doors page.

    For more in-depth options on the look of single or double doors our Choosing a Panelled Door and Choosing a Glazed Frame-Door pages will go into more detail.

  • RAL Colour options in the standard range for STM Tinium

    For a full list of colour options including clear laquers and special colours, pelase see the STM brochure

    Timber colour options

    RAL7013 – Brown grey

    RAL8016 – Mahogany brown

    RAL8007 – Fawn brown

    RAL6009 – Fir green

    RAL3001 – Signal red

    RAL8019 – Grey brown

    RAL7004 – Signal grey

    RAL3011 – Brown red

    RAL5010 – Gentian blue

    RAL6001 – Emerald green

    Aluminium colour options

    RAL7042 – Traffic grey A

    RAL3011 – Brown red

    RAL6012 – Black green

    RAL8016 – Mahogany brown

    RAL5013 – Cobalt blue

    Where you see a next to a colour, clicking on it will take you to a page of our client galleries that use that RAL Colour.
    Some colours are subject to additional lead time from STM.
    Colours shown should not be used in place of an official RAL colour sample. We cannot guarantee colour-accuracy when viewed on-screen or printed out.

  • STM Tinium Chop Sample

    STM Tinium

    STM Tinium2 Chop Sample

    STM Tinium 2+

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