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Unik Funkis

Unik Funkis are one of the very few factories who can create a thermally-broken aluminium-clad timber composite window. This type of product has a warm timber internal frame, a low-maintenance aluminium external frame, and a polyamide barrier in-between those two materials.

Creating what we’ve taken to call a “true composite” window, unlike a clip-on aluminium solution, this construction allows the product to be installed as though it were a pure timber system.

Like most Danish, made in Denmark windows, Unik Funkis products are approved by the DVV scheme.

Unik Funkis Alu-Timber

Unik Funkis Aluminium Clad Timber case1  1
Unik Funkis Aluminium Clad Timber case2 5
Unik Funkis Aluminium Clad Timber ldh 5 1
Unik Funkis Aluminium Clad Timber murermester 12
Unik Funkis Aluminium Clad Timber langbjergvej 4
Unik Funkis Aluminium Clad Timber espenhoej 6
Unik Funkis Aluminium Clad Timber case5 11
Unik Funkis Aluminium Clad Timber case7 6
Unik Funkis Aluminium Clad Timber case6 4
Unik Funkis Aluminium Clad Timber futuristisk 7
Unik Funkis Aluminium Clad Timber ldh 18 1
Unik Funkis Aluminium Clad Timber hasseris 5
Unik Funkis Aluminium Clad Timber langbjergvej 12
Unik Funkis Aluminium Clad Timber caes4 12
Unik Funkis Aluminium Clad Timber moderne villa 5
Unik Funkis Aluminium Clad Timber case6 8
Unik Funkis Aluminium Clad Timber hasseris 4

Full Details

Whilst we were initially attracted to Unik Funkis based on their product on paper, we made the decision to work with them based on visiting their factory. Most factory tours are a fairly set route and conversation, but we were so impressed by various members of staff being able to answer all our questions, and show us some truly unique techniques and ideas that set them apart from most others.

There are three steps on the performance ladder within Unik’s range. Their true-composite product can be made with double glazing, triple glazing and an enhanced triple glazed profile. For us in the UK, the double glazed variant is still the most important. And we’re lucky that Unik have chosen to continue providing this for the UK market because there are not many situations where double glazing is allowed to be used in Denmark (the UK are fairly behind in terms of building regulations).

Even the basic double glazed version of Unik’s windows are able to meet current UK building regulations for all domestic newbuild and renovation projects, so opting for their near-Passivhaus triple glazed option will be a huge upgrade for any UK home.

The highlight of uniqueness is arguably the tilt-and-slide door. This is a really interesting solution to a few inherent issues that come with a normal sliding doors – both lack of airtightness and lack of small ventilation position are solved.

Also, they boast the thinnest decorative glazing bar in our entire product range (including our official heritage product). 19mm bars are by far the smallest option available, and they’re used to create a New York apartment-style result, especially in black. With these bars being so thin, they are always made in aluminium externally to give longevity, even on a timber-only frame. When choosing these bars, the internal frame is also given a traditional profiling effect.

All in all, Unik Funkis are a factory who have primarily set themselves up for the Danish market – perfect for us because we get the best combination of factors. We receive a product that’s be designed with a very similar climate to ours, but without all of the unfortunate consequences that come from UK-based manufacturing.

Lead Time8-12 weeks from sign off
Best U-Value0.82 Uw
Finishes Any RAL Colour
see colours tab for standard colours
GlazingDouble, Triple, Obscure, Solar, Laminated, Toughened
Manufactured inDenmark

Product energy ratings

Unik Funkis
Product Name
Standard U-value
Glass U-vlaue
Light Transmittance
Timber Double Glazed1.37 W/m²·K1.19 W/m²·K0.82
Timber Triple Glazed0.98 W/m²·K0.75 W/m²·K0.75
Alu-clad Double Glazed1.38 W/m²·K1.19 W/m²·K0.82
Alu-clad Triple Glazed1.0 W/m²·K0.75 W/m²·K0.75
Alu-clad Triple Glazed
Energy Plus
0.82 W/m²·K0.52 W/m²·K0.74
Alu-clad Triple Glazed
Energy Plus Optimized
0.82 W/m²·K0.56 W/m²·K0.75

All data in the above table is based on a standard top guided window 1230mm x 1480mm
For more information about these figures please see our Window and Glass Insulation Data Explained blog post.

Opening Configurations

Fixed Frame

Fixed Frame Configuration

Side Guided

Side Guided Configuration

Side Hung

Side Hung Configuration

Top Guided

Top Guided Configuration

Tilt and Turn

Tilt Turn Configuration

Our Configuration Options for Bespoke Windows page contains additional information about each of the options shown above, it may also be helpful in choosing how to configure your windows to best suit your needs.


Single Door

Entrance Door Configuration

Double Doors

French Doors Configuration

Sliding Door

Sliding Door Configuration

We have an extensive range of doors available from Unik Funkis, the images above show some of the general configuration options available. For more information about the opening types and how each can best be used see our Bespoke Doors page.

For more in-depth options on the look of single or double doors our Choosing a Panelled Door and Choosing a Glazed Frame-Door pages will go into more detail.

Handles & Vents

Window handles

Standard Handle Types:

Push in lever standard Matte chrome plated
Push in lever with automatic locking Matte chrome plated
Push in lever with lock manual Matte chrome plated

Hoppe Tokyo matt-chrome handles

Hoppe Tokyo paschal grab Matte chrome plated
Hoppe Tokyo pasque grip with latch Matte chrome plated
Hoppe Tokyo pasque lever with pressure cylinder Matte chrome plated

Tilt Turn window handles

Hoppe Tokyo handle for Tilt Turn Matte chrome plated
Hoppe Tokyo handle for Tilt Turn with lock for the turn function Matte chrome plated

Brushed Stainless Steel Window Handles

Randi Paskvil Matt brushed stainless

Trickle vents

UnikFunkis Trickle Vent


RAL Colour options in the standard range for Unik Funkis products

RAL Classic colours outside of the standard colour range will be subject to additional costs and lead times.

RAL7042 – Traffic grey A

RAL3011 – Brown red

RAL6007 – Bottle green

RAL8016 – Mahogany brown

Where you see a next to a colour, clicking on it will take you to a page of our client galleries that use that RAL Colour.
Colours shown should not be used in place of an official RAL colour sample. We cannot guarantee colour-accuracy when viewed on-screen or printed out.


Below are some of our recent galleries which include Unik Funkis

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