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V Series Glass-Wood Composite Window

Glass Wood window

Glass Wood Composite Window

Key Features

Price Range£££££
MaintenanceLow maintenance
Best U-Value0.89 W/m^2k
Finishes Any RAL Colour
GlazingTriple Glazed as Standard, Frosted, Super Low E,
Safety and Security, Sun Protecting
SecurityEN 1627-30 standard and PAS24 Secured by Design
Performance and
Soundproofing up to 42dB
Certified to class E1800 due to EN12208.
i.e: Watertight at 1800 pascal
Maximum SizesCLICK HERE Maximum Sizes
Manufactured inDenmark

Further Details:

All Glass Window

The V series eco-friendly glass wood composite window combines a unique design with an all-glass exterior; presenting a seamless, flat, shiny surface. The coloured glass border covers a pine timber frame on the inside.

Glass is a proven material with extreme durability. As we know from excavations, glass does not perish. Therefore, the V series is the first window on the market with an almost 100% maintenance free exterior. Only cleaning is necessary. The coloured border is also guaranteed: it is baked onto the glass in the toughening process and cannot fade. Consequently, the window will look new and stylish throughout the building’s lifetime.

Constructed from strong burglary-proof hardware, the V series meets both British and European security standards. The units come as standard with 2-3 locking points, but have the option of 2-5 alongside a locking handle for increased security.

Thanks to 3 layers of glass (6mm toughened, 4mm, 4mm as standard) and 2 weather seals, the V series has excellent sound-proofing qualities with up to 42db sound insulation. Also, the system is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and can resist more than twice the pressure generated by a hurricane.

This eco-friendly glass wood composite window already fulfils the high technical requirements of the future. With three layers of glass and two weather seals, V series ensures a super-low energy rating (A, according to the 2020 demands). As a result, the units will maintain their value for many years to come. Passiv house projects and certified sustainable construction often use this system.

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