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Svarre in a Timber Home

Vrogum Svarre Glass-Wood Composite Window

The Vrogum Svarre eco-friendly glass wood composite window combines a unique design with an all-glass exterior; presenting a seamless, flat, shiny surface. The coloured glass border covers a pine timber frame on the inside.

Ultimately, this construction creates an almost 100% maintenance-free exterior – with only glass being exposed to the elements. Even the colour of the glass cannot fade over time as it is baked on during the toughening process.

Full Details

Constructed from strong burglary-proof hardware, the Svarre window meets the latest European security standards. The units come as standard with 2-3 locking points, but have the option of 2-5 alongside a locking handle for increased security. The outer glass pane is toughened as standard, and beading the glass internally further enhances the system’s security credentials.

Both guided and “normal” butt hinges can be chosen, but even a visible hinge style will still be unnoticed thanks to the glass frame edge covering the mechanism. The product is available in most outward-opening configurations.

Thanks to 3 layers of glass (6mm toughened, 4mm, 4mm as standard) and 2 weather seals, the Svarre has excellent sound-proofing qualities with up to 42db sound insulation.

The system is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and can resist more than twice the pressure generated by a hurricane.

This eco-friendly glass-wood composite window already fulfils the high technical requirements of the future. With three layers of glass and two weather seals, Vrogum Svarre ensures a super-low energy rating. As a result, the units will maintain their value for many years to come. Passivhaus projects and certified sustainable construction often use this system.

MaintenanceLow maintenance
Best U-Value0.89 W/m^2k
Finishes Any RAL Colour
GlazingTriple Glazed as Standard,
Frosted, Super Low E, Safety and Security, Sun Protecting
SecurityEN 1627-30
Performance and
Soundproofing up to 42dB Certified to class E1800 due to EN12208. i.e: Watertight at 1800 pascal
Maximum SizesClick here for maximum sizes
Manufactured inDenmark
Opening Configurations

Fixed Frame

Fixed Frame Configuration

Side Guided

Side Guided Configuration

Side Hung

Side Hung Configuration

Top Guided

Top Guided Configuration

Our Configuration Options for Bespoke Windows page contains additional information about each of the options shown above, it may also be helpful in choosing how to configure your windows to best suit your needs.


RAL Colour options in the standard range for Vrogum Svarre

RAL9016 – Traffic white

RAL3003 – Ruby red

Where you see a next to a colour, clicking on it will take you to a page of our client galleries that use that RAL Colour.
Some colours are subject to additional lead time from Vrogum.
Colours shown should not be used in place of an official RAL colour sample. We cannot guarantee colour-accuracy when viewed on-screen or printed out.

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