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Vrogum Svarre Windows Gallery

A collection of projects featuring the Svarre window. With its all-glass flush exterior, this glass-wood composite window creates a truly unique look. Buildings aiming to achieve an ultra-modern aesthetic are perfectly suited to this Scandinavian window. The Projects featured in this gallery can be found in Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Kent and London.

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The Svarre window is ideal for those looking for something a little bit different. This ultra-modern all-glass fronted window is truly unique and emits a strong design statement.

The majority of these projects featuring futuristic building designs are found in Scandinavia, but we’ve also fitted in London, where a slight style advantage can make a huge difference.

Like any composite window, the interior timber creates the excellent natural insulation properties of the unit, and the exterior material (all glass in this case) offers a maintenance-free layer of protection.

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