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A Series Passiv Certified Wooden Window


A Series Passivhaus Wooden Window

passiv certified wooden window

Key Features

Price Range£££££
Typical Lifespan30 years +
Lead Time6-8 weeks
Best U-Value0.78 W/m^2k
FinishesNatural or Stained/Oiled Wood
Hardwood - Oak, Meranti
Softwood - Larch, Spruce, Slow Grown Pine
Stains & Oils
Painted Wood
Painted Finishes - Any Colour
GlazingDouble, Triple, Solar
Acoustic, Tinted
Construction6 Laminations of Timber
Up to 4 Seals
Welded & Polished Material
Unique multi-chamber construction
Maximum SizesPlease Ask
Manufactured inGermany

As is the norm in Germany, this window is inward-opening, tilt-turn only.

Further Details:

Our range of tilt and turn German wooden windows is something a bit special. The secret to the quality of all of our products is good materials. The A series Passiv Certified wooden window achieves outstanding durability – requiring a much lower schedule of maintenance than a traditional wooden window. Furthermore, the process of heat treating results in significantly improved thermal performance.

The A series offers a multi-chamber, highly engineered frame. Featuring the Airotherm standard system: the window sill is constructed in several layers with each layer grooved individually. As a result, this is our our best all-timber window for energy efficiency. With a classic and timeless character, it is a very attractive option for passiv haus and low-energy projects.

Like many of our products, the A series has an inward-opening tilt turn mechanism. Optional features include security, performance and safety enhancements.

We offer the finest selection of styles with the possibility of many types of timber, Victorian and Georgian glazing bars.

Oak, meranti, walnut, eucalyptus, larch, slow grown softwood and spruce are all available. We also offer unique heat-treated beech and larch timbers, which provide outstanding durability. These TMT timbers are the next generation of timber windows.

We also offer a massive range of stains and finishes to allow a very impressive range of natural finishes. In addition, any RAL colour is achievable internally and externally. on a painted finish. Our automotive style painting process then finishes the product in an exceptional way to deliver a wooden window that requires lower maintenance. We offer anodised windows for a unique finish.

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