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Vrogum Rosenholm Sidehung windows with glazing bars

Vrogum Classic Scandinavian Flush Nordic Pine Window

Our Vrogum Classic range of outward opening windows are a made from FSC Certified Scandinavian slow-grown pine. This high quality pine construction is fantastic starting point for a window due to the insulating properties of the timber. Within the Classic range are Rosenholm in double glazed and Danrose the triple glazed variant.

  • Blue Vrogum Rosenholm windows with stone cills
    Blue Rosenholm windows in a Timber clad home
    Vrogum windows in a Tudor Style home
    Vrogum Rosenholm windows and door in a tudor style home
    Brown Vrogum Rosenholm side hung windows
    Vrogum Rosenholm Top guided over Side hung windows in Grey
    Vrogum Rosenholm timber windows with Stain
    Timber home with Vrogum Rosenholm Side Hung Windows in Blue
    Rosenholm windows in a tudor stone building with glazingbars

  • The Rosenholm window as standard is a double glazed window with a 115mm frame depth and, for opening sashes, a slim 86mm frame width (sometimes called the sight-line). All the outward-opening casements have the traditionally-Danish flush casement style with a 45 degree angle next to the glass.

    Vrogum’s Classic range of windows are a fantastic way to upgrade a home with better window insulation while keeping a traditional look.

    Unlike most factories nowadays, Vrogum have kept their craftsman-built approach. They’re a much smaller company compared to others we work with and, walking around the factory, it feels like a very tight-knit, almost family atmosphere with all their highly-skilled workers.

    As a company, Vrogum feel strongly about the naturally fantastic properties that Nordic pine offers. It’s a material that has been the go-to options in Denmark for many years, and will continue to be the primary choice far into the future. Nordic pine is naturally well-insulating, provides a classically cosy atmosphere inside the home and, of course, is environmentally friendly when sourced from sustainable forestry.

    There’s an emphasis on producing a quality item. Not just the timber, but all fittings, ironmongery and all parts of the manufacturing process focus on creating a product that will last for as long as possible. Our installers say exactly what they think about every product they work with, and Vrogum always gets a positive response from those who can truly recognise a high-quality item.

    Vrogum uses a 3 step paint process to ensure a high quality and consistent paint coat, first a primer layer is added that will stop the growth in any fungus spores in the wood. Second a grey or white base coat (dependant on the outer colour) is added to protect the end-grain, joints and weak spots. Finally the window is puttied to remove any divots in the surface and coated in an acrylic based paint with a minimum thickness of 100µm (industry standard is 70-80).

  • TimberPine (FSC certified)
    Warranty5 years
    Lead Time8-10 weeks from sign off
    Best U-Value (Triple glazed)Overall: 0.9 W/m^2k
    Ug: 0.5 W/m^2k
    Finishes Any RAL Colour
    GlazingDouble, Triple, Obscure, Solar, Laminated, Toughened
    Performance and
    2 or 3 layers of low-energy glass panes, with a warm edge
    Internally glazed with a silicone external glazing bead for water ingress resistance
    Standard Frame Size1
    DG / TG
    Width: 86mm / 91.5mm
    Depth: 115mm / 115mm
    Manufactured inDenmark
    1: Figures based on standard outward opening window configuration.
  • Fixed Frame

    Fixed Frame Configuration

    Side Guided

    Side Guided Configuration

    Side Hung

    Side Hung Configuration

    Top Guided

    Top Guided Configuration

  • French Doors

    French Doors Configuration

    Sliding Door

    Sliding Door Configuration

    Bifold Door

    Bifold Door Configuration

    Entrance Door

    Entrance Door Configuration

    We have and extensive range of doors available in our Vrogum Classic range, the images above show some of the general configuration options available. For more information about the opening types and how each can best be used see our Bespoke Doors page.

    For more in-depth options on the look of single or double doors our Choosing a Panelled Door and Choosing a Glazed Frame-Door pages will go into more detail.

  • Vrogum offer three types of glazing bar on their double glazed Rosenholm windows. Each glazing bar have a chamfered exterior with a profiled interior.
    The Danrose triple glazed variant offer only two glazing bar options, both are 22mm slim bars and both have a chamfered profile on the internal and external sides of the window.

  • RAL1013 – Oyster white

    RAL3003 – Ruby red

    RAL5009 – Azure blue

    RAL5024 – Pastel blue

    RAL6005 – Moss green

    RAL7040 – Window grey

    Where you see a next to a colour, clicking on it will take you to a page of our client galleries that use that RAL Colour.
    Colours shown should not be used in place of an official RAL colour sample. We cannot guarantee colour-accuracy when viewed on-screen or printed out.