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Vrogum Solborg Airtight Sliding Sash Window

Solborg Sliding Sash Window

timber sliding sash window

Key Features

Price Range£££££
MaintenanceLow maintenance
Best U-Value1.2 W/m^2k
Finishes Any RAL Colour
GlazingDouble glazing, Frosted, Super Low E,
Security, Sun and noise protecting
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Performance and
Airtightness to class 4 standards at 600 Pa
Watertightness to class 8A standards
Wind Load to class C3 standards
Maximum SizesWidth: 1498mm, Height: 2998mm
for single sliding sash window
Manufactured inDenmark

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Further Details:

The Scandinavian Solborg window is an innovative sliding sash window with a tilt function on the lower sash. This custom-made window combines Scandinavian design and quality with timeless and traditional British looks.

Traditionally, sliding sash windows have characteristically low energy efficiency, which deteriorates with age. Solborg, however, changes this. Featuring ground-breaking hardware, the S Series has some of the best water and air-tightness on the market – just as effective as a casement window. By using super low argon gas as standard, our double glazed sliding sash window has a U value of 1.2 W/m^2k and 39 dB sound reduction – meeting low energy requirements for 2020.

Upon opening the window, the sashes are separated away from each other – thus avoiding wear on the weather strip. On closing, the sash presses against the weather strip, creating a tight seal.

Designed to be hassle-free to operate, the bottom sash can be tilted inwards, allowing for easy and safe window cleaning. In addition, trickle vents and a lockable handle on the lower frame are also configuration options.

The high density of the slow-grown Nordic pine provides the Solborg with a high durability class, and the application of microporous paints further improves the durability. The paint allows the timber substrate to breathe freely and minimises the chance of paint bubbling over time.

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