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Gealan Acrylic Faced UPVC Windows

This brand new product offers the price benefits of a UPVC window but, unlike many UPVC windows, it offers astounding resistance to harsh environments thanks to a stain and scratch resistant coloured acrylic finish.

Many coloured UPVC windows sold today take their colour from a foiled exterior finish. This can be easily scratched or damaged on installation and has a serviceable life of 10-20 years. Many UPVC products can become stained by residues from trees or bird droppings. These are fine when new but, over the serviceable life of the product, the window can hold dirt and residue – particularly if the home owner doesn’t occasionally wash the glass and frames well with a mild soapy water solution.

The acrylic finish of this product is a big improvement: offering a virtually inert finish which is durable and scratch resistant.

The product is set to become a new trend in UPVC Windows

Gealan Acrylcolour window