Schuco Corona CT 70 UPVC Window

Schuco Corona CT 70

As is the norm in Germany, this window is inward-opening, tilt-turn only.

Key Features

Price Range£££££
Typical Lifespan30 years +
Lead Time4-8 weeks
Best U-Value0.85 W/m^2k
FinishesAny colour from either the Automotive Colour Palette
or any foil pattern film for plastic profiles

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GlazingDouble, Triple
ConstructionMulti-chamber profile construction with 5 chambers
Triple Seals
Welded Mitres
Performance and DurabilitySound Insulation: 46 dB
Air Permeability (DIN EN 12207): Class 4
Wind Resistance (DIN EN 12210): Class C5/B5
Water Tightness (DIN EN 12208): Class 9A
Maximum SizesPlease Ask
Manufactured inGermany

Further Details:

The multi-chamber profile construction of the Schuco Corona CT 70 system with increased frame depth of 70mm forms the basis for excellent thermal insulation. Thanks to the the heat-insulating glazing and the surrounding gaskets, the industry could hardly imagine obtained insulation values a few years ago.

The CT 70 is a fixture that will work as efficiently as on the first day after many years. The strong steel profiles in the casement frame ensure high stability and longevity. Furthermore, the all-round steel enforcement securely anchors all of the fittings  – contributing to your security and the value of your windows.

Included in the CT 70’s accessories is the Schuco VentoTherm system. This ensures continuous air exchange with the windows closed, and incorporates a built-in pollen filter for allergy suffers.

Increased construction depth, modern fitting technology with mushroom head locking and steel fittings make the leaking out of the windows almost impossible. Even risk of drilling through the hardware is non-existent due to the hardened steel.

The Schuco Corona CT 70 profile system is as good as maintenance free for many years and easy to clean. The surfaces are light and colourful and the fittings and handles are protected against corrosion.

Modern windows are not only designed for decorative purposes, but have much more important properties which have a decisive influence on the quality of living comfort: the most important are certainly heat and sound insulation.

Our plastic profiles meet all the necessary requirements. They are energy efficient and cost-effective, safe, low maintenance and long-lasting.

CT70 Details

Profile Details

  1. 1. Underlined wing geometry allows for a visual separation of sash and frame – emphasising the light construction

  3. 2. Barely visible grey seals…

  5. 3. …and a protruding glass edge make the frame look even slimmer

  7. 4. Innovative technology with 5 insulating chambers ensures excellent thermal insulation

  9. 5. 2 circumferential seals provide protection against wind, rain and noise pollution

  11. 6. High quality insulating glass minimises heat transfer and maximises transparency, with the option of a further increase of insulation – combating noise pollution

  13. 7. Strong, corrosion-protected steel profiles in the frame and sash ensure stability, functional security and a long service life

  15. 8. Smooth, weatherproof surfaces mean that your windows will look new year after year, with little cleaning effort

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