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Rationel Aura AuraPlus
Rationel Aura AuraPlus Triple Glazed Chop Sample

Aura & AuraPlus

Rationel Aura is designed for clean lines, flat frames and a flush finish. This Scandinavian-style window has a solid timber construction and the ability to attain high levels of solar gain. Featuring a sleek and minimalist frame, AURA is perfect for a modern building with a contemporary design.
In terms of the timber construction, the Rationel AURAPLUS window is identical to AURA. The only difference between them is the addition of an external aluminium screen which is included on the AURAPLUS window. As it is constructed from two materials (timber and aluminium), the AURAPLUS is a composite window. This construction ensures that minimal maintenance is required and the aluminium-clad product has an impressive life expectancy of 83 years. In addition, the product has also been tested for use in marine environments.

Full Details

At Enlightened Windows, we have worked with Rationel for more than 15 years in the UK and we are a Rationel-approved distributor nationwide. Rationel has more than 60 years’ experience of window manufacture and employs 1,050 people across Denmark, England, Ireland and Poland, crafting premium quality, durable and stylish windows and doors. Crucially, Rationel also has a very good UK support network and infrastructure. This means means that the product is reliable, spares are readily available in case of damage and the manufacturer guarantee is fully UK-supported and certificated. The importance of this should not be underestimated.

We are a FENSA-registered Rationel distributor and approved installer. When we supply and install, we offer this as a single contract: the product itself, transportation, survey and installation are all included within your order.

Rationel Aura and AuraPlus Options

Both products have a wide variety of opening designs, glazing options and configurations. Along with the typical styles, this Scandinavian window can be manufactured in bespoke shapes to correspond with an assortment of openings. Featuring fully adjustable and secure ironmongery (Secure by Design part Q compliant hardware), two gaskets and the option of trickle vents, AURA and AURAPLUS are carefully engineered with the customer in mind. Furthermore, all Rationel products prioritise energy efficiency. The slim design naturally takes advantage of the solar heat from daylight, and the exceptional insulating qualities significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

Due to their energy efficient characteristics, both Rationel AURA and AURAPLUS are suitable for Passiv Haus buildings.

Marine Suitability

All aluminium profiles are coated with a minimum of 60 microns thick and are pre-anodized to achieve a marine-grade. The windows and doors will require regular maintenance, as per the Rationel Operations and Maintenance Manual, which is also included in the downloads tab of this page. Failure to maintain windows when in marine environments will result in failure of the product which is not warranted.

Product development is primarily based on the Danish market and climate (i.e. predominantly coastal and similar to northern Scotland) so the products are ideal for coastal locations. We treat the aluminium for filiform corrosion prior to powder coating and the products are salt-spray tested at R&D stage. Furthermore, salt-spray batch testing is completed on all metal components from cladding to hinges.

Efficiency, Solidity, Dependability

Thanks to constant product optimisation and energy-efficiency enhancement by the company, Rationel windows are designed to withstand all weather types, attempted break-ins, as well as the wear and tear from opening and closing windows year after year. Rationel’s designs are not only tested on paper but are also physically tested and subsequently certified.

“We basically offer a complete service. For over 60 years, our company has been based on excellent craftsmanship. This is still the case. At Rationel, we take pride in delivering high quality,” Rationel CEO, Thomas Tvedergaard Larsen.

Typical LifespanAURA: 60 years
AURAPLUS: 85 years
Lead Time8-10 weeks from sign off
Best U-Value0.78 W/m^2k
Finishes Any RAL Colour
for both timber and aluminium (AURAPLUS only)
GlazingDouble, Triple, Obscure, Solar, Laminated, Toughened
Performance and
Air Permeability: 600 PA
Wind Resistance: 1600 PA
Operation: 10,000 cycles
Water Tightness: 600 PA
Manufactured inPoland
Opening Configurations

Fixed Frame

Fixed Frame Configuration

Side Guided

Side Guided Configuration

Side Hung

Side Hung Configuration

Top Guided

Top Guided Configuration

Tilt and Turn*

Tilt Turn Configuration

* Inward opening Tilt and Turn are only available in AuraPlus triple glazed.

Our Configuration Options for Bespoke Windows page contains additional information about each of the options shown above, it may also be helpful in choosing how to configure your windows to best suit your needs.


Single Door

Entrance Door Configuration

Double Doors

French Doors Configuration

Tilt and Turn*

Tilt Turn Configuration

Sliding Door*

Sliding Door Configuration

* Tilt-Turn and Sliding doors are only available in AuraPlus triple glazed.

We have and extensive range of doors available in Rationel Aura and AuraPlus, the images above show some of the general configuration options available. For more information about the opening types and how each can best be used see our Bespoke Doors page.

For more in-depth options on the look of single or double doors our Choosing a Panelled Door and Choosing a Glazed Frame-Door pages will go into more detail.


Window handles

Rationel Window Handle Non-Locking
Rationel Window Handle Child-Lock
Rationel Window Handle Key-Lockable

Entrance and Panel Door handles

Rationel Rose Handle with Key Lock Both Sides
Rationel Rose Handle with Thumbturn
Rationel Backplate Handle with Key Lock Both Sides
Rationel Backplate Handle with Thumbturn

Terrace Door handles

Rationel Terraced Door Handle

Sliding Door handles

Rationel Sliding Door Lever Handle
Rationel Sliding Door Finger Pull

Our Hardware and Security of Rationel Windows blog post goes into greater detail about the handles used on our rationel products and how they relate to it’s security.


RAL Colour options in the standard range for Rationel products

RAL Classic colours outside Rationel’s standard colour range will be subject to additional costs and lead times.
For clear lacquer and granite textured colours (FormaPlus & AuraPlus only) please see page 7 of the Rationel Aura & AuraPlus Brochure.

RAL1035 – Pearl beige

RAL7001 – Silver grey

RAL7003 – Moss grey

RAL7013 – Brown grey

RAL7021 – Black grey

RAL7022 – Umbra grey

RAL7037 – Dusty grey

RAL7044 – Silk grey

RAL8017 – Chocolate brown

RAL8019 – Grey brown

RAL8022 – Black brown

RAL9002 – Grey white

RAL9004 – Signal black

RAL9007 – Grey aluminium

Where you see a next to a colour, clicking on it will take you to a page of our client galleries that use that RAL Colour.
Some colours are subject to additional lead time from Rationel.
Colours shown should not be used in place of an official RAL colour sample. We cannot guarantee colour-accuracy when viewed on-screen or printed out.
Chop Sample

Below are some of our recent galleries which include Rationel Aura and Auraplus

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