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STM Windows – Timber and Alu-Clad Windows


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STM Composite Windows

Company Overview

STM is a Danish window and door manufacturer, providing premium quality timber and aluminium-clad timber windows and doors. Like many of the manufacturers we recommend, STM treat environmental concerns seriously. By using “green electricity”, they have a positive environmental profile and use only PEFC certified wood from sustainable forestry.
Their classic and stylish timber products have a slim design, and are great both new builds and renovations. Bringing the beauty of Scandinavian design to the UK, their Mogano, Sapino and Sapino A products have a flush exterior and arguably the best surface finish in their class. The timber is knot-free, and is sanded down before applying 130-140 microns of paint.
STM’s alu-clad timber windows have the same slim design, but have the benefit of almost zero maintenance. The aluminium-clad timber range comes with a 10 year warranty.
Offering the complete range of configuration options, STM offer their products as a fixed frame, side hung, top guided or swing, tilt-turn and also entrance/patio doors.

STM Sapino
STM Mogano
STM Tinium

In production, STM only use top quality timber, where one of the requirements is also that it must be knot-free, thus avoiding the brown rings from the knots that eventually penetrate the paint.

STM exclusively use timber that is at least 90% heartwood. Heartwood is naturally waterproof due to the high content of oils and resins, which also contain fungicidal substances. Heartwood timber is well suited for making windows and exterior doors. Our goal is for our windows and doors to suit all buildings and environments. Due to its firmness, the timber only absorbs 20% moisture. As the decay process first starts at 30% moisture, timber heartwood is extremely well-suited for production of windows and exterior doors. The Nordic pine density is between 470-500kg/m^3 and is FSC and PEFC certified.

As part of the DVV certification scheme, STM produce some of the best quality Danish windows from their factory on the beautiful island of Langeland in Denmark.

STM Factory

Timber is a natural product and, like all other materials, can be degraded by wind and weather and the sun’s UV rays. Therefore the right surface treatment is of the utmost importance. All of STM’s timber components are surface treated, cf. “2ØKO”. This is environmentally friendly, and together with STM’s solid frame/frame design, it has a long life.

STM Grey Windows
STM Windows Interior
White STM Windows

STM UK Renovation

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Our main office is based on the North Oxfordshire/South Warwickshire border, but we cover the whole of the UK and Ireland. We have clients everywhere from the centre of London, to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, the Isle of Man and the channel Islands – where only the finest performance windows will keep the elements at bay.
Feel free to use the contact form on this page, or contact us using one of the numbers below:
Midlands Office: 01608 684 607
London Office: 0203 633 0476

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