Terms and conditions of Sale

Unless otherwise stated our quotations are on the basis of supply only.

We do provide an installation service and can supply and fit where required subject to availability.

Our Installation quotations where provided assume all scaffolding, mechanical handling equipment and access will be provided by the site as required. Any adjustments to scaffolding, cranes, glass lifting equipment and other access equipment are not arranged or included in our quotations.

Where we have quoted for installation, this is strictly quoted on the basis of a single uninterrupted visit to install – as one visit over one or multiple days. We will check to ensure that the site is ready 1 week prior to installation and, should the customer or appointed agent confirm that the site is ready, then we will make firm arrangements with our installation team to attend site. Subsequent cancellation or rearrangement after this point will incur additional charges as set out below:

– 10% of fitting contact value -less than 7 Calendar days notice given
– 25% of fitting contract value -less than 3 Calendar days notice given
– 50% of fitting contract value -less than 24 hrs notice given

In the event that we reach site and discover that the site cannot be fitted, despite being told that it can, then we reserve the right to charge 50% of the fitting contract value as an inconvenience fee.

Our fitting costs quoted are strictly based on an uninterrupted continuous fit unless agreed at time of contract.

Where we quote installation we will only use Compriband to seal our window and door units. Where the mastic is required, we will not apply this and do not include this in our quotes. We will not apply mastic in any circumstances as this is a specialist job. We are happy to provide details of companies who can mastic but we do not recommend this as a method of installation, despite this being a common UK building practice.

Should we encounter issues with the building that do not allow us to complete any element of our work during our fitting visit then we will happily return to site to complete work once the building has been corrected but this will be deemed chargeable work and not part of the contract sum. As a guide, we will charge £250+ vat for a skilled fitter, £180+ vat for a skilled labourer and £350 +vat for issues requiring a company director. Travelling expenses will be also charged in addition at the Automobile Associations recommended rate of pence per mile, as stated on their website.

Where we supply and fit our product, deposits taken prior to survey are strictly non refundable.

It is the customer’s responsibility to maintain an accessible safe site with adequate access and safe working conditions. In our quotations, we make no allowances for any additional costs to provide extra equipment or materials where we feel it necessary to provide additional equipment in order to provide our services safely.

It is also the customer’s responsibility to ensure that we are made aware of site restrictions and access issues. Where smaller vehicles or mechanical off load is needed, we reserve the right to make appropriate charges. It is also the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the site can accept delivery as storage charges and abortive costs will apply if the vehicle is unable to reach site and offload on the nominated day of delivery. On order, an expected delivery week will be nominated.


Storage charges are approx. £125 per pallet per week
Aborted delivery costs are charged at cost from the transport provider.

Unless specifically stated, our quotations do not provide for installation labour or materials and assumes that installation services and associated materials will be provided by others. The product guarantees on our products are identical where you organise your own installation as long as manufacturer installation guidelines have been followed.

As so many installations have cills integrated into the building fabric, we have not allowed for a factory fitted cill attachment to the base of all windows and if doors are included in the quotation any extras (ie angles) will be included in the quotation only if requested.

When viewing the Window schedule, please note that the European notation method with the chevron pointing to the handle thus giving inwards/outwards opening information. Please check the quote for this detail as we do supply quotations from different factories who have different ways of displaying this information.

The prices quoted are net prices exclusive of V A T. In respect of all German or European windows the quotation and payment will be made in British Pounds at the rate prevailing on the day of the transaction.

The quoted price will show the cost of delivery of the products to your U K address on non-returnable pallets with protection on vulnerable corners and adequately wrapped and braced and offloaded at destination. Extra costs may be incurred where the site has restricted access.

An accurate delivery date will be given on receipt of detailed order subject to any unforeseen problems.

A warranty in respect of the manufactured windows and doors will be given in respect of defects in the materials and workmanship for a period of 5 years for the windows and 5 years for the Doors provided that they are installed and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. The maximum liability under this warranty shall be the purchase price including V A T prevailing when the product was purchased. It does not cover consequential damage nor does it cover damage arising from incorrect handling, storage, installation or use and impact or mechanical damage caused on or after delivery. Attempted repairs by a non-qualified or non competent individual shall invalidate the warranty. For the avoidance of doubt optical phenomena (eg. interference colour bands known as “Brewsters Fringe”) seen in the glass are not to be regarded as affecting the merchantable quality of the same. Only inherent defects are covered by this warranty which does not extend to any other defect or fault whatsoever nor to any damage or injury arising out of any breach of contract, negligence or other tortious liability howsoever arising which liability is hereby expressly excluded. Any replacement will not necessarily be identical to the original but shall be such item as in the discretion of the company will constitute an adequate replacement.

The price, delivery and specification details of the quotation are based upon the supplied contract information and variations may occur in respect of changes to design, size or quantity and other changes affecting the cost of the works.

Specialised assessments should be obtained by the customer where it is anticipated that extra loads may be placed on the structures for which they were not expressly designed for. It is the responsibility of the customer to provide adequate structural support and suitable fixings and to obtain Local Authority Building Control approval thereto. Corner posts are not structural and the products are not to be utilised as structural elements and no loads shall be imposed on them other than those which they were expressly designed for. Their own dead weight and the wind loads acting upon them require to be transferred back to the supporting structure or interface materials to which they are fixed.

This quotation does not include for formal calculations for wind loading or containment of glazing. It remains the responsibility of the customer to obtain Local Authority Building Control approval.

When the customer is ready to proceed with an order they must arrange to pay 100% of the quotation including V A T and at this point an accurate date will be given for delivery of the order.

Following the placement of the order, we will finally check and confirm with the customer or their representative every aspect of the contract including structural opening sizes, colour and material choices,fittings including installation lugs and trickle vents and any other fittings etc. and at this point a final order will be sent to you for approval and signature. Any changes to the order after this point may incur additional costs and delivery times.

We are required to provide a seven-day cooling-off period. This means, unless you choose to waive this right, we will wait seven days before placing the order.

Our insurance-backed guarantee is provided by GGFi.

Sample windows, colour charts, Wood and Aluminium Samples
These are provided on a loan basis at no cost to client. We will provide free delivery and, if requested, free collection of all samples. Clients are loaned samples for a period of 30 days, unless longer loan period is agreed. By accepting or borrowing samples as above, the client is required to keep these in good condition as received. Clients are urged not to keep these on site – as dust and debris of construction can damage the product.

Any samples not returned, or returned damaged, will be chargeable to the client at the following rates

Chop Samples- Bottom Rail of window £98
Corner Samples £150
Wood Sample Chart £42.00
K8 RAL Colour Chart £15
Aluminium Samples- £22
Full Window Samples £480

All of the above costs exclude VAT at 20%

Unpaid Debts

We reserve the right to add interest at the rate of 5% per month for any unpaid invoices which are unpaid after 60 days.

Quotation Language

Many of our quotations are in German or other foreign language. We are happy to translate any terms or details of any foreign language documentation provided either in quotation or order confirmation.

By signing any order confirmation documentation  the customer is confirming acceptance of the order as detailed and a complete understanding of the documentation provided. The customer also confirming suitability for purpose and confirmation that all relevant authorities have been contacted to ensure that the customer has permission to install the product ordered. It is the customers responsibility to seek relevant planning or building control approvals.


Where requested we will take survey measurements of a site on the basis that the customer is thus stating and intent to proceed with the sale. Should the sale not proceed for any reason once a survey (defined as the customer requesting Enlightened Windows to measure structural openings with a view to placing an order) has been instructed by the customer then a survey fee of £450 will be chargeable. By instructing a survey or site measurements the customer is thus agreeing to this. This is in addition to the 10% deposit we take prior to survey.


In the event of supply later than expected, or incorrect supply requiring re-order, which is deemed as a miss-measure or miss-specification, we will rectify and resupply where the error is ours. Under no circumstances will we accept claims for consequential loss, or claims for items such as additional property rental or plant/scaffold rental. This is a strict term of sale.

Customers living in a property whilst we are replacing windows must understand that is building work: items that can be damaged by building dust or dirt should be removed/taken down before our work commences. We will provide some protection for areas in which we are working, but this will be limited to the direct area of work. Customers should put dust sheets on furniture and remove valuables and breakables. We will carry out basic cleaning after completion in our direct area of work. We do not remove or clean airborne dirt and dust.