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Vrogum-Svarre A/S – Traditional Timber and Ultra-Modern Glass-Wood Composite Windows



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Company Overview

Named after the village where they first began back in 1957, Vrogum run 3 main product lines: Vrogum Classic, Solborg and Svarre.

The Classic range started off as a very high quality timber product at the core, and has evolved throughout the years. The current model is updated to match both present and future requirements for insulation, wind/water tightness and security. The product is recognised for it’s unique construction: glass fitted from the inside and silicon sealant on the outside mean better durability and a 100% watertight outer surface.

Inspired by the traditional English sliding sash window, the Solborg system was created when Vrogum entered the UK market. Their unique closing system results in the sash being push towards the rubber seal as the window shuts. Unlike the normal brush seal for a sliding window, Solborg’s solution is truly airtight. Both top and bottom sashes are closed with espagnolettes and lockable handle on the lower frame, with the sashes themselves held in position with spring balances.

The Svarre product is something truly special. The all-glass exterior and well engineered timber-work come together to create an ultra-modern design from sustainable materials. The seamless, flat, silky surface is a simple and stylish window that works well individually, linked together and in direct contrast to stone, timber, brick or render.

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Our main office is based on the North Oxfordshire/South Warwickshire border, but we cover the whole of the UK and Ireland. We have clients everywhere from the centre of London, to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, the Isle of Man and the channel Islands – where only the finest performance windows will keep the elements at bay.

Feel free to use the contact form on this page, or contact us using one of the numbers below:

Midlands Office: 01608 684 607
London Office: 0203 633 0476

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