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There are so many different window companies out there, seemingly offering the same service using the same window materials. All of us have lovely brochures, project galleries and most of us members of reputable organisations such as Which? Trusted Traders and FENSA. So who do you choose?

We believe we offer something different.

1. Reliable High Quality Products

All of our products are carefully selected from the best factories in Europe. All of the products we sell have been through thorough rigorous testing. Whether this is the highly-detailed set of rules and requirements of the DVV in Denmark, or more UK-specific testing, you can be sure that the product we offer you has proven itself.

When we assess products for inclusion in our ranges, we physically dismantle a full sample. We take a detailed look at the level of engineering and the quality of the build of the window. If we don’t offer a product, it’s normally because we were not happy with the quality in comparison to what we already have in our range.

Our products have:

  • High Density Timber from sustainable FSC or PEFC sources
  • UV-protective surface treatment
  • Far above industry standard of paint finish (around 70-80 microns is standard, our Danish factories apply 120 by default)
  • Water-based paints – far longer lifespan than oil-based
  • Option of aluminium-cladding for low-maintenance
  • Engineered timber, with options of being guaranteed knot-free
  • Minimum argon-filled glass units with a low-emissivity softcoat
  • Multipoint locks on all windows and doors
  • The full range of RAL Classic colours to choose from, with optional granite textures on aluminium
  • Triple glazed options with Uw values below 0.9 on both windows and doors.
  • Class 4 airtightness on all outward opening and inward opening products
  • German and Danish factories, where a much higher standard of product is expected (for example, double glazing is no longer accepted for newbuilds or renovations in Denmark)

2. We don’t offer “standard” products or sizes

Our product is specifically made for your house and made to measure.

In both renovations and new builds, there is no such thing as a “standard” opening for a window or door. Simply due to the way construction of a home progresses, a millimetre-perfect structural opening is impractical to expect. The common solution with a lot of companies is to adjust a standard window on-site, using frame extensions, filing-back or bending the frame where needed.

We think it’s better to make the window the correct size in the first place.

Gable Window Crane Install

3. We Supply and Fit as a Single Contract

We measure, supply and fit and, critically, take responsibility.

Beware of any company that sells you windows and provides a separate contract for fitting.

We also can supply-only to trade or retail customers, but this does require you to provide measurements for quotation and also final measure prior to order.

For architects, we provide a detailed technical support service in the design. This helps ensure issues such as door thresholds, external cill designs and optimisation of light gets our full design support. This is provided at no charge.

4. We are a stable family-run company

With no shareholders to demand profits, we can be sure we are offering the correct product to each customer, and we can be honest when we believe we can’t offer exactly what a customer requires.

Our managing director has never been director of a company that has been in administration. This perhaps sounds like an odd statement, but we advise you check this out on Companies House. Many in the window industry have folded companies previously.

5. Our attitude to Plastic

We don’t sell plastic windows. PVC windows may be the cheapest option around, but we believe the production of PVC windows should be banned. It is one of the most harmful and polluting processes in the modern world.

Plastic does have its place in our supply chain, but even the packaging plastic we use to protect your products is 100% recycled by our specialist recycler in Gloucester.

Even the cardboard packaging used on our products gets reused as floor protection. Then, after use, it is composted.

6. Recycling

    When we replace existing windows we recycle obsessively:

  • The glass from windows we remove is recycled 100%
  • Metal handles fixtures and fittings are removed and sent to scrap recycling
  • Wood products are either recycled or burnt in our gasification boiler to heat our premises.
  • PVC is all recycled by our specialist recycler
  • Even rubble and plaster is crushed and then used to fill potholes on the lane leading to our industrial unit.
  • All pallets are reused or repurposed
  • Our office recycles all card and paper; We try not to print unless necessary
  • We thus create a tiny amount of business waste each week
Recycling Glass from old windows rotated

7. Carbon Footprint

Many of our factories use only electricity from renewable sources. We are working hard to increase this.

We are especially proud of our bifold door factory Lacuna, who created an in-depth report on the environmental impact of making one of their doors. This includes precise values of all the raw materials used, the impact of transport, impact of the manufacturing process itself and how any waste materials are dealt with at the end.

Our Danish manufacturers in general have all come to the same conclusion that waste materials should be used as a heating source for the factory – getting a final use out of otherwise worthless materials.

8. When We Install

A performance window is worth nothing if it isn’t paired with a performance installation. And, perhaps obviously, a premium quality window can easily lose its premium-feel if the installation in not up to scratch.

  • Our installers don’t just arrive on site for the first time when the windows arrive, they’re a key part of the survey process and are even happy to offer their experience when designing the units
  • We use German installation materials and installation practices and seals that will last as long as your windows
  • Our installers are all factory-trained. In fact, several of our installers used to deliver the factory training!
  • A company director always inspects the final completed job
  • We can issue a FENSA certificate where requested and required
Window install preparation

9. Made and Installed to Last

Customers who choose Enlightened Windows come to us when they want a product to last. And we complete every installation to the standard we would expect it were our own home.

Our timber and aluminium-timber products, combined with German installation materials, are designed to last over 60 years before needing replacement. Or over 80 years for alu-clad timber specifically. The methods and materials we use ensure that every part of the finished install suits that lifespan.

10. Knowledge Base

Many of our customers find us via our blog articles. One of our key aims as a company is to make sure that every customer has a really good understanding of what they’re buying. Of course, much of this is project-specific. But our website contains a huge variety of explanations and guidance about the type of windows you could buy from us. We cover everything from colour choices and items that you’ll be looking at and using every day, all the way to the percentage of moisture in the timber and other technical details that explain the level of engineering and care that has goes into our products.

Our office staff and our installers have broad understanding and experience, so we welcome any questions that help you reach your decision.

11. The Reviews from Our Customers

Finally, please read our Google and Which Trusted Trader reviews, as these are independent confirmation of what we say above. We are very proud of all the work that we do, and we’re very happy with how our customers feel about the results.

13. Brexit , New Customs and Coronavirus

During 2020 and 2021, many businesses took the opportunity of furloughing staff and closed their doors for business. The same is true of many UK window factories. Many of these became very unreliable and even stopped answering the phone.

We kept calm, and carried on in accordance with Government guidance.

From our deliveries during Brexit and the pandemic, our German and Danish specialist transport have kept to schedule. And the importance of this should not be underestimated. Some distributors, with less robust arrangements, have had to leave customers with half-finished jobs – awaiting spares or whole units.

Surprisingly, most supply problems are within the UK, not from imported products. Hence why we also use German and Danish transport… It still works.

Clearly nobody knows quite what the future will bring, but we have coped very well thanks to our careful staff who go above and beyond what is required.
Our Lead Times and Covid-19 blog. Published on: 7 May 2020

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