Danish Window and Door Handles

When you have a range as large as ours, with multiple manufacturers, the number of handle options becomes quite large! Luckily, when broken-down into sections, everything starts to make sense – each factory has their default option with a few variations, and these are obviously designed to suit their product range as a whole. If in doubt, the manufacturer’s “standard” or “default” option is often also their recommended one.


STM’s standard key-locking and non-locking window handles are satin chrome, and then you have black and white options for the same styles. Tilt-turn handles do look different (straight rather than cranked handles with a larger diameter and backplate), although this does make sense since this is a fundamentally different mechanism.

Stm Tinium top guided window with hoppe handle
Satin Chrome Locking Window Handle
STM non locking window handle
STM Tilt Turn window handle

STM’s entrance doors have a very minimal, straight steel handle with separated rose. And the terrace doors are essentially a larger version of the standard satin chrome non-locking window handle. The separated rose for both door options can have either a key-lock or thumbturn internally.

STM Entrance  Door HandleEntrance Door Handle
STM Internal thumb turn and window handle on a terrace doorTerrace Door Handle


Rationel window handles are very straight forward, since there is only one type of handle! The standard non-locking option is satin chrome with quite a straight and architectural feel. If you require the key-locking variant, the small grey tab at the top of the handle provides this functionality, and this tab also doubles as a child-proof lock.

Rationel Window Handle Non Locking

Rationel Window Handle Non Locking
Rationel Window Handle with child lock

Rationel Window Handle with child lock
Rationel Window Handle with Key Lock

Rationel Window Handle with Key Lock

Their door handles do have a few choices though. Entrance doors are slightly curved, with the option of either separated circular (“rose”) covers. Or the full rectangular backplate. For something slimmer, the terrace door handle can be thought of as a window handle with a larger backplate. And the sliding door handle is a further extension of this, with a much longer handle to make the lift-and-slide mechanism easier to operate.

Rationel Entrance door handle with round rouses Key Key Rationel Entrance door handle with back plate Key Thumbturn
Rationel Entrance door handle with back plate Key Key Rationel Entrance door handle with round roses Key Thumbturn
Rationel Terrace door Handle
Terrace Door Handle
Rationel Sliding door handleSliding Door Handle

Sunflex Sliding Door

There are two main options for Sunflex sliders: the standard D-shaped handle is normally colour-coded to match the frame (but it can be a contrasting colour if you prefer). A more premium-feeling option would be the straight stainless steel variant. Alternatively, choosing a lift-and-slide mechanism of course means the need for a lift-and-slide handle.

Stainless Steel Sliding Door Handle
Sunflex D Shape sliding door handle
Sunflex Sliding Door Internal Handle

Lacuna Bifold Door

Lacuna’s straight steel handles are designed to match in perfectly with the hinges, all with a marine-grade coating. If you’re not a fan of the steel finish, then the same ironmongery can be made with a black or a white finish.

Lacuna Internal Thumbturn
External Keyed lacuna door handle
Lacuna Bifold Midway locking handle

Aftermarket Handles

For some of our manufacturers, there is an option to supply the product without any handles fitted. This allows us to look for aftermarket options that hopefully match in perfectly with what you have in mind. Monkey-tail window handles are particularly popular, as this is a traditional British style that none of our European factories offer. Please do be aware that most handles you’ll find online will be designed for use on a UK product…and our Danish and German products do have subtle differences that need considering. Please do ask if you’re unsure!

Aftermarket Door Handle
Monkey Tail Window Handle
Aftermarket Door Handle 2

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