Hardware and Security of Rationel Windows

With Secured By Design approval, it is safe to say that the security of Rationel windows is at a high standard. But this does not tell the whole story. In everyday life, it can be incredibly frustrating to have a window or door that does not operate quite how you would like it to.
In this article, we not only explain what the security means from the customer’s point of view, but also the options for secure hardware that can be chosen to suit any requirement.

Rationel Window Handles

The simple clean lines of the Rationel window handles are in one form only. There are non-locking, child-lock and key-lock variations but all share the same general aesthetic.

Rationel Window Handle Non-Locking
Rationel Window Handle Child-Lock
Rationel Window Handle Key-Lockable

Also available – the Rationel restrictor prevents the window from being opened more than a few centimetres. After the restrictor is released, the window can be opened normally. Whilst this is not sold as an item to improve the security of Rationel windows, it does prevent small children from opening a windows too wide.

Rationel Restrictor


Security of Rationel Windows Entrance Door and Panelled Door Handles and Locks

For main entrance doors and double entrance doors, there are two main styles: a Scandinavian double rose and the full rectangular backplate.
Both of these styles have one extra choice for the locking mechanism: there is always a key-lock outside, but you can choose either a thumbturn or key-lock inside.
If you have multiple entrance doors in the same home, so can ask us to make the locks “suited”. In this configuration, you will be able to open different doors using the same key.

Rationel Rose Handle with Key Lock Both Sides
Rationel Rose Handle with Thumbturn
Rationel Backplate Handle with Key Lock Both Sides
Rationel Backplate Handle with Thumbturn

Terraced Door Handles and Locks

Terraced doors always have a thin rectangular backplate, and they have slightly different options for handles and locks. You can have just a handles with a lock inside (nothing outside at all), or you can choose to add either just a handle or a both handle and lock outside too.
To find out more about the differences between terraced and entrance doors, check out our Rationel Doors Explained page.

Rationel Terraced Door Handle

Sliding Door Handles

Rationel sliding door handles are potentially the most simple in terms of choice. By default, there is a handle and lock on the inside. Then, you would choose whether not you wanted to have a handle and lock on the outside.

Rationel Sliding Door Lever Handle
Rationel Sliding Door Finger Pull

Trickle Vents

Rationel trickle vents are designed to be as subtle as possible. In the UK, we are used to seeing large plastic hoods on the outside of windows for our ventilation. Rationel and other Scandinavian manufacturers prefer to let air flow in-between the outer frame and the opening section. And this negates the need for a visible external hood on the majority of windows and doors.
There are two exceptions where a hood does need to be used: fixed lights (where a sash has not been configured), and on door panels.
If you’re wondering whether or not you should ask for trickle vents, our other article that explains condensation on windows provides a few different ways that you can control the humidity in your home (trickle vents being one of them). Depending on where on the window condensation is forming, humidity may not actually be the problem.

Rationel Trickle Vent Closed
Rationel Trickle Vent Half Open
Rationel Trickle Vent Open
Rationel Trickle Vent Hood

More images from this project can be found in our Window and Door Upgrades for a Home near Banbury gallery.

Security of Rationel Windows

The security features of FormaPlus, AuraPlus, Forma and Aura wooden and composite windows are second to none.
All hardware used within the Rationel windows ranges are tested and certified according to a range of UK and European standards which includes EN1627, PAS 24 and Secured By Design.
Part Q of the building regulations is a requirement for new build properties. This section states that doors and windows must meet the specified standards of robustness, be built using approved locking and opening hardware and have proven security performance.
Reinforced locking points, multi-point locks and hardened steel bolts keep burglars out from the locking side. And reinforced screws with security pins prevent the sash from being lifted out even if the attacker manages to somehow remove the visible part of the hinge. In the middle, glass panes can be both toughened and laminated, and letterboxes can have an internal cover to protect against “fishing” burglaries.

Security of Rationel Windows
Reinforced Locking Points
3 Locking Points
Reinforced Screws and Security Pin

Secured By Design is an official police security initiative; they check that the locking hardware, frame and glass can withstand common burglary methods. There is even a specifically designed letterbox than has their approval.
If Secured By Design is a requirement for your home, be sure to let us know. Although the windows and doors are SBD approved, we still need to check that laminated is specified in the correct places, and that the SBD letterbox has been selected.

Security Rationel Windows Laminated Glass
Letterbox Protective Housing

Replacement Parts

All these options are supplied with your window and door order. If you require spare parts for an order that we haven’t supplied and you’re unsure who to ask, the best route is to contact Rationel customer service directly.

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