How Lacuna Bifold Doors are Changing the Game

Looking to purchase some new, high-quality bifold doors and not sure where to start? Want some independent guidance from a company which isn’t tied to one manufacturer? In this guide, we explore how Danish company Lacuna is rewriting the rules for bifold doors with their high-end, tailor-made and durable products and explain why Lacuna bi-fold doors could be your ideal investment.

Who is Lacuna?

Lacuna is a Danish company located in the small town of Langeskov on the island of Funen in Denmark which specialises in the design and manufacture of high-end timber bi-fold doors. The company was founded in 2008 by Henrik Brunsø as a result of him wanting a new bi-fold door for his own house renovation. Henrik was looking for a door which was sustainable, made from good materials, required low maintenance, was airtight, offered good insulation and looked stylish in his home, but could not find anything in the Danish or European market which fitted these requirements.

Lacuna Bifold Door
After finding this gap in the market, he sat down with his old friend Lars Holm and they used their combined knowledge of timber, joinery, design and engineering to create the very first Lacuna bi-fold door – and the rest is history! After only a few years, Lacuna has become well-known both in Denmark and abroad for the quality and design of their products, which are popular in countries as diverse as Canada, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Spain, Norway, Iceland, Sweden and, of course, the UK, where they are supplied by Enlightened Windows.

Why would I want Lacuna bi-fold doors?

First off, you need to forget everything you think you know about bi-fold doors: Lacuna has completely rewritten the rules with its new approach. Crafted from the highest quality timber by Danish experts, Lacuna bi-fold doors truly open up your home to the outside and let nature in, whilst never compromising on performance.
One of the reasons we were excited to add Lacuna bi-fold doors to our ever increasing range of products at Enlightened Windows was due to the incredible performance of the product which equals that found in our existing German ranges.

Top marks for performance

Stories of leaky and draughty bi-fold doors may be an issue for other manufacturers, but not so for the Danish brand. Lacuna delivers products which are Class 4 airtight, watertight to class E1200 level, and are made from class 1 durability timber, as well as employing only the highest quality ironmongery (all hardware is made from Danish marine-grade materials).

Marine Grade Hinge
Superb insulation is also on offer from these bi-fold windows, as the U-values are typically from 0.9 W/m² K. When you buy a Lacuna bi-fold door, you can rest easy knowing that you are investing in a product which is made from the best possible materials, will perform at the highest possible level and which will also stand the test of time.

Testing, testing!

But don’t just take our word for it, as part of their ongoing development process, Lacuna’s bi-fold doors have regularly undergone thorough testing for different aspects including security, airtightness and water tightness by organisations such as the Danish Technological Institute and the ift Rosenheim to ensure that the product is at the highest possible quality.

Lacuna In House Testing.jpg
In one test carried out in-house by the company, the Lacuna TMT composite (heat treated beech) door frame was pulled out of salt water after being fully submerged for four months. After this full submersion, the paint had not cracked and it had only expanded by 0.4mm, thus demonstrating the unique durability of Lacuna’s products.

Beautifully tailor-made for your home

Appearance matters, we all know this. Lacuna bi-fold doors look fantastic and architects are sitting up and taking notice as a consequence. Lacuna bi-fold doors have the slimmest profile of any timber bi-fold door on the market and can be manufactured up to just under a metre wide per leaf. Bespoke for each individual project, the doors can be built up to a generous 2.8 metres in height and nearly 6 metres in width.
At Enlightened Windows, we offer a very attractive range of configurations to best suit your home. For all types of Lacuna bi-fold doors, there is a choice between outward and inward folding, with outward going doors recommended for exposed areas, as this gives 100% water tightness at the threshold (see this link for more details about possible configurations). In terms of materials, the Lacuna bi-fold doors are available in a range of timbers including the extremely durable German-made beech, mahogany and oak and can be provided either painted or oiled.

Black Bifold Door
With the design fastidiously refined by the founder, Brunsø himself, until it was just perfect, there are also some very attractive possible design additions such as built-in blinds with excellent functionality. The doors can be finished in any RAL colour and you can choose from double, triple, obscure and solar glazing. Of course, timing is everything and, in terms of getting your new door to your home, you won’t have long to wait, with a lead time of 5-7 weeks from order to delivery and installation itself taking only a matter of hours.

Low maintenance all the way

When you buy a new door, maintenance is always a key consideration, and here, again, Lacuna truly steps above the mark. Thanks to the use of specialised German heat treated timber, once painted, Lacuna bi-fold doors that have not been overly exposed often don’t need any further treatment for 20-30 years, thus offering unique durability not usually associated with bi-fold doors.
As an added bonus, thanks to the top hung design of Lacuna’s bi-fold doors, there is no need for a guide rail and no track in the threshold, thus meaning that everyday dirt has nowhere to collect and cannot jam the mechanism, ruining the smoothness of the sliding door. Of course, this also makes cleaning the threshold incredibly easy and reinforces the Lacuna bi-fold door’s status as a truly low-maintenance product.

Lacuna Threshold

A green machine: Lacuna doors are sustainable

Finally, in today’s increasingly eco-conscious world, mention must be made of Lacuna’s environmental credentials.
From the start of production through to testing of the seals during final installation, the company only uses environmentally friendly materials of the highest possible quality. As a result, the Lacuna bifold doors are not only sustainable but also offer the highest-ranking tightness and insulation.
For its doors, Lacuna only uses wood from trees grown in forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, making sure that they do not take more from nature than can be replaced. As well as their official environmental certificate showing that their products meet exacting safety, health and environmental requirements, Lacuna has also been shortlisted for the Danish Construction Association’s annual Energy Award on numerous occasions.

High Density Timber

Want to learn more?

To find out more about the range of top-quality, bespoke bi-fold doors from Lacuna, simply download their product brochure. You can also visit the company’s website to browse their range of products online.
Written by Georgia Tindale