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Lead-times and Covid-19

This week has really reminded me why we have so carefully selected such fantastic manufacturers to work with. Whilst the whole of UK and window factories are largely in lock-down, our own factories in Denmark and Germany have largely been unaffected in terms of getting products produced on time to our specifications.

At Enlightened Windows, we specialise in working with small to medium size manufacturers across Europe, who are flexible, skilled and use only the best materials to make windows to exacting specifications.

During the Coronavirus crisis, all of our deliveries have been on time, on schedule and frankly haven’t missed a beat. I wouldn’t wish it to appear that this has not been without huge effort from our staff, specialist glass transporters and our friends at our skilled factories. But thanks to all of these critical parts of our company, our supplies have been largely uninterrupted.

We have largely worked uninterrupted where family fitting teams, who already live together, can continue to fit on building sites where no other trades are operating. In this regard, we have been extremely careful and very very strict to ensure that no risk is posed to any of our staff or customers. Signs of green shoots emerging from this crisis will hopefully not be too long away.

We are quite hopeful that in the following weeks, we should be delivering the following lead-times on our orders. Please bear in mind that the lead-times indicated below are approximate and in this uncertain time will vary from day to day.

Lead-times as of 7th of May

This post was written on the 7th of May 2020, since then the annual factory summer shutdowns will have extended lead-times as normal. Please get in touch to get current lead-times.

Lead-times for Wooden Windows

  • 9 weeks from point of order

  • Lead-times for Composite Windows

  • 7 weeks from point of order

  • Lead times for non-standard options, special colours and tilt-turn windows

  • + 1-3 weeks

  • We believe we are delivering bespoke windows with the shortest lead time in the UK, from a variety of very skilled and dedicated factories.

    All of our lead-times stated are based on a final signed off survey order with all details confirmed with no further changes possible once the order is placed.

    Windows for an Upcoming Project

    If you need windows quickly and your building project is about to start up, we highly recommend talking to us now; we are pretty sure that many building site are beginning to open, merchants have already returned to work and the majority of building projects will bounce back very quickly, just like the UK economy is likely to do. And then, all of a sudden, demand for windows and our services will be huge by mid May, as the UK tries to catch up lost ground from the last six weeks.

    Of course none of this is certain. But we have been around long enough to have seen how quickly the UK can recover and people’s tenacity to get things done.

    We are Still Operating

    Our offices are all open and have not shut during the whole of this time, but all of our staff are working from home. So please don’t mind too much if you have the occasional child heard in the background.

    In general, Enlightened Windows has some of the most carefully planned environmental credentials – with less than 1% of all of our business waste going to landfill and all of our plastic metal, wood and glass waste either being repurposed or being fully recycled to go back into supply chain from whence our windows came.

    We offer some of the finest quality products and currently with the best lead times for our market. Our supply chain is proving to be very robust. So, if you need a reliable supply of windows or doors, please contact us. We are also able to turn-around most quotations in a few days