Rationel Doors Explained

Getting to know the types of Rationel doors can take people a few attempts to feel comfortable with. There is a fantastic amount of choice, but this presents the issue of making sure that the customer gets what they’re expecting.

This is where we come in. Approved Rationel distributors, like Enlightened Windows, are here to help the customer find exactly what they require. As an aside: this is advantage over going to a manufacturer directly – where the customer will likely receive less consultation, and be less confident in what they are buying.

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Rationel Products in General:

The first choice is the design and material used. Rationel have two main product lines: Forma, which is designed to appear more traditional; and Aura: more modern.

Both Forma and Aura are timber-only products but, if you would like a maintenance-free window or door, simple add “plus” to create the AuraPlus and FormaPlus. These keep the same styles, but add a thin aluminium plate on the exterior.

We’ve outlined these in lots of depth in our “Why Rationel Windows are a Brilliant Choice” article.

Secured By Design

For the security-conscious individual, Rationel have tested their products to an additional certificate of security. As well as the new-build standard of PAS24, Secured By Design is a standard above the rest.

Multi-point locks are quite common these days, but the addition of reinforced espagnolettes, reinforced screws, hardened steel hook bolts and security-sealed glass mean that the products resist an outstanding range of physical attacks.

Types of Rationel Door

Rationel Panelled Door

Rationel Panelled Door

This is a high quality solid door, designed for main entrances and/or front doors.

Available in a number of design patterns with various glass shapes, the panelled door comes with a multi-point lock as standard, and can be either inward or outward opening.

Panelled door also have a few extras to consider: letterboxes and spyholes can be added. Furthermore, to protect the bottom of the door, a larger kickplate can be installed (this is great if you have children who have a habit of opening the door with their foot…).

Also worth noting, the opening sash is always finished in timber, not aluminium. So this door will need the same maintenance as any other timber product.

Rationel Entrance Door


Now, we move onto three types of door that appear quite similar, but have a few key differences.

The operation of an entrance door is identical to the panelled, but the key difference is the appearance. This door type has an outer frame, which is glazed by default. This glazed section can be split in half vertically, or horizontally, or split into thirds, or quarters… Essentially, there is a lot of choice. Please do look through the possible designs: even if you can’t see exactly what you need, it may still be possible.

A Rationel entrance door has the same robust door handle and lock as the panelled door.

Rationel Terraced Door

Rationel Terraced Door Ironmongery

In appearance, the Rationel terraced door is identical to the entrance door. The key difference here is the handle and lock.

The standard choice for a terraced door is a handle and lock on the inside that operates like a window. The benefit is the friction brake: you can close the handle, when the door is open, and it will stay in place. Optionally, you can have a handle on the outside too.

Rationel Window-Door

Rationel AuraPlus Window Door

Very appropriately named, the window-door is a large window that is suitable for foot traffic. It has a window handle on the inside (lock optional), and has the same slim frame that you would see on Rationel’s windows.

This is very advantageous if you would like to avoid a thicker frame.

Rationel Tilt Turn Door

Slightly different name to a window-door, but a tilt-turn door has the same principle: a large tilt-turn window that is designed to be walked through.

The handle will be on the inside and, like the window equivalent, you can both “turn” the door inwards as you would expect; or “tilt” the door inwards to allow for a small amount of ventilation.

We talk a lot about the benefits of tilt-turn windows and doors in our “Why Tilt and Turn” article.

For the Rationel product line, tilt-turn units are available only in AuraPlus with triple glazing.

Rationel Sliding Patio Door

AuraPlus Sliding Door Temp

Another well-named product: the Rationel patio door is indeed a sliding door.

In actual fact, it is a lift-and-slide system. This reduces the friction when moving the door, making it much easier to operate.

There are some items to be aware of though for these Rationel doors.

Like the tilt-turn, this product is only available with triple glazing, as an AuraPlus. The configuration of the slider is a two-panel (one panel sliding over the other).


Rationel Standard Colours

The Rationel standard colours for their windows continues through to their doors. There is a wide selection, from the more common whites and greys, all the way to a bright yellow.

If you don’t see something you love, any other RAL colour is available at extra cost.

Locking Mechanisms

Entrance Door Handle

For panelled and entrance doors, the default handle design is called the “rose” – a separate key-lock and handle – but a backplate is available if you prefer. Multi-point locks are standard (with at least three points).

An item that customers do not often realise: the handle and lock are arranged as they would be in Denmark – with the lock above the handle.

Terraced, window-doors and tilt-turns have multi-point locking window handles.


Rationel Window Door Threshold

As standard, all of Rationel’s doors have a low threshold. Great for both wheelchair access and general easy everyday use. Also, fully compliant with the threshold requirements for new UK homes.

There is one exception: the tilt-turn. This has a hardwood threshold. Slightly higher, but still very usable.


This is where we come in. As approved Rationel distributors and trained installers, Enlightened Windows help the customer find exactly what they need for their project. We can supply and fit as a single contract, or simply supply-only covering all of the UK.

Rationel only sell their products through a distributor network.

We are a FENSA-registered Rationel distributor and approved installer. When we supply and install, we offer this as a single contract: the product itself, transportation, survey and installation are all included within your order.

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