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Scandinavian Windows

Various Scandinavian products are hugely popular in the UK. The general minimalist, functional and effective design language has prevailed in almost every industry at this point, and their window popularity is on the rise too.

Luckily, the UK’s climate isn’t far off that of the Scandinavians’, especially Denmark. So it makes a lot of sense to consider construction products from countries who have very similar requirements. The products we import have a strong focus on controllable airtightness and insulation.

Timber Scandinavian Windows

Almost always made from slow-grown Nordic pine, timber Scandinavian windows are a staple item throughout Denmark, Sweden and Norway. If you start talking about windows in any of these countries, people will assume you’re talking about a wooden window.

If they’re looked after, Scandinavian wooden windows should easily last 60 years and beyond. So, if you’re not discouraged by some occasional repainting (we’ve come across a product where the owner didn’t need to touch them for 15 years), this is a great place to start looking.
Our Scandinavian Timber Windows:

Aluminium-clad Timber Scandinavian Windows

The obvious problem with timber windows is that most people are discouraged by some potential re-painting. So the obvious solution revolves around protecting the vulnerable part of the timber, so it’ll never need re-painting.

Aluminium-clad timber is exactly what it sounds like. The wooden Scandinavian frame is simply wrapped in a low-gloss protective aluminium cover, so the addition of that metal thankfully doesn’t spoil the thermal properties.

The aim of the low-gloss powder-coating is ultimately to avoid the window suddenly looking like modern, shiny and lower quality aluminium-only systems.
Our Scandinavian Aluminium-Clad Timber Windows:

Thermally-Modified Beech Scandinavian Bifold Doors

Alternatively, what if the timber used in the windows (and doors) were to be modified such that it would be at least 25-35 years before needing any attention? Well…this technology is very new to the windows industry, so not a lot of manufacturers understand how to make this work…

Lacuna are based in Denmark, and use thermally-modified (heat-treated) beech timber in their bifolding systems. Baking the timber creates something new – technically not wood anymore, because all the sugars have been burnt out. So it can’t expand, contract or rot. And, same as aluminium-cladding, the change doesn’t negatively affect thermal properties.
Our Scandinavian Thermally-Modified Bifolds:

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