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The Beauty of Svarre Glass-Framed Windows

Scandinavian windows are becoming more and more common in the UK. And This is no surprise when we consider their benefits. The modern-day worry of energy conservation and environmental impact, without compromising on quality, perfectly suit these premium options. Also, by factoring in the appearance of such products, there is a clear class leader: Svarre windows.

A Unique, Contemporary Look

Firstly, our Vrogum Svarre is one of our flagship Scandinavian models. Indeed, the images really do speak for themselves. Featuring a completely flat, flush exterior made entirely of glass, with virtually any colour available around the outer edge, this window creates a truly eye-catching image.

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Scandinavian Window UKA recent project in London produced results before they were even fully fitted: people walking past began enquiring just thanks to the unique appearance. Undoubtedly, this is the impact the Svarre has.
Scandinavian Window GermanyWhilst London was a more conservative project, this Scandinavian window can be configured to really stand out from the crowd. This project in Germany, with vibrant red against the natural wood, is clearly something very special.


Fully flexible and customisable, the Svarre window shines in any environment. A unique design; virtually maintenance-free exterior and, future-proofing make this the ultimate modern Scandinavian window.

Keeping the Planet in Mind

Thanks to greatly improved exposure; understanding of climate change and the environmental impact of our daily lives, we are all aware that we should be doing our part. In the UK, we are recycling, preparing for the adoption of alternative fuels and creating future plans for a more “green” lifestyle.

Why should UK windows be any different?

Most importantly, the timber used for our Danish-made windows (both Svarre and Solborg) is all sourced from FSC certified forests. Most notably, this allows the customer to know that they’re helping to ensure our forests are alive for generations to come. Furthermore, the FSC certified timber is sourced from either northern Sweden or Finland. These forests produce tense, strong and slow-growing pine. Excellent quality.


To further our dedication to reducing our environmental impact, we offer organic paint on larger builds for some of our Scandinavian windows. Although this paint does require more maintenance and has a longer process time; the product is entirely plant-based. Made in Germany, the organic paint is transparent enough so that you can still see the structure of the timber underneath.

The Next Generation of Glazing

Since the entire front of the Svarre window is made of glass, the quality of the glass is even more important. As standard, the window comes with low-energy toughened security glass. The standard U value is an impressive 0.9 W/m^2k, but this can become as low as 0.5. Many options of glass and gas are available.

Similarly, the colouring of the Svarre windows’ glass edge must be undertaken with special care. Any RAL colour, of your choosing, will be baked onto the inside of the outer pane. Not only does this maintain the completely flush finish, but also means that the colour will never fade in bright sunlight.

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