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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Composite Windows

Everything you wanted to know about composite windows, but never got around to asking. And why they might be your best investment for 2023. Feel free to call us on 01608 684 607 to ask any questions, or send us an email at sales@enlightenedwindows.co.uk.

First things first, what does ‘composite window’ mean?

Cutting through the jargon, a composite product is formed by combining two or more materials. Each material has different properties and they are easily distinguishable within the composite. For example, in composite window, using these combined materials for the frames can provide unique, hybrid properties which are superior to using the individual materials in isolation.

What are composite windows made of?

Composite windows are typically timber-framed windows with a relatively thin aluminium plate on the outside. These timber-aluminium windows are available in a wide range of styles and specifications and offer a huge array of benefits to their owners, including durability, low maintenance, energy efficiency and high-performance.

So, why would I want alu-clad composite windows?

If you want the short answer, it’s this: with composite windows, you get a durable, reliable window with a low maintenance finish and an attractive appearance.

This is because aluminium-clad timber composite windows combine the effective insulation and attractive appearance of timber windows on the inside, but their aluminium cladding on the exterior makes them lower maintenance and more durable than traditional full timber windows, making them the best of both worlds for your home.
So, if you want more details on how alu-clad timber composite windows could benefit you, read on!

House with Composite Windows

1. Almost zero-maintenance (ain’t nobody got time for that!)

In the busy world in which we all live, there are very few people who can dedicate extensive time to maintaining their windows. Luckily, with alu-clad windows, you don’t have to. Thanks to the timber being on the interior in aluminium-clad composite windows, it is not exposed to outside weather; the aluminium cladding easily manages the extremes of weather.

As a result, alu-clad timber windows barely need any maintenance when compared to traditional timber windows. Just timber alone will require a lot more time and effort to maintain. As long as you buy good quality, with dense engineered timber and a multi-coat, fully breathable paint finish, all you will need to do to maintain your alu-clad timber windows is wash and clean the aluminium exterior! Easy.

Due to this, many of our manufacturers for aluminium-clad timber composite windows at Enlightened Windows state a life expectancy of 65 years with this minimal maintenance. Beyond that, some of them offer an expectancy of up to 85 years. As an added bonus, although traditional timber windows require painting every five years, composite windows only require washing.

German Composite Window Close Up

2. Top-notch insulation

It’s certainly a chilly time of year, so keeping your house as warm as possible is bound to be at the forefront of your mind. Simply put: the best possible material for window frame insulation is timber. You will keep more of your heating inside, and save money on your energy bills along the way if you use alu-clad timber composite windows! There is a reason composite windows are especially popular in colder climates such as Sweden and Canada…

3. A sustainable solution

Not only can you save money by losing less heat through your windows and using your central heating less, thus lowering your home’s carbon footprint, many modern high-quality timber frame manufacturers source their materials from FSC certified forests and are therefore highly sustainable. Indeed, some factories actually minimise their contribution towards global warming every time they manufacture a timber-alu window.

Natural Timber Stain Composite Window

4. Quality, quality, quality!

For those wishing to upgrade from PVC or older-style timber windows, alu-clad timber windows offer one key benefit above all. Quality. Whereas older wooden frames were made from cheap timber and so needed regular sanding and repainting to keep them up to standard, German and Scandinavian ultra-modern factories create contemporary timber windows using the latest high-tech manufacturing techniques and are built to last. As a result, laminated knot-free timber helps to provide passivhaus U values and beyond. (If that means nothing to you – don’t worry: read our handy guide to ‘U’ values here!)

5. Perfectly suited to your home

Finally, of course, when it comes to your windows and your home, appearances really do matter. When you order from us, you can choose your low-maintenance powder-coated aluminium exterior for your windows in virtually any colour, and you can combine this with a gorgeous wood finish to create an aesthetically pleasing and natural fenestration solution.
Our ranges of alu-clad composite windows include a huge variety of painted colours and natural softwood/hardwood finishes. Furthermore, both classic or modern style composite windows are available with a low gloss finish for a soft satin look. Plus, if it’s a stunning modern look you’re looking for, we also have the latest granite textured finishes available which are ideal for the contemporary home.

Textured Aluminium-Clad Composite Window Frames

Want to learn more? Be our guest!

We work with numerous factories to bring the widest range of composite windows available for supply-only or supply and fit.  With composite windows now 70% accounting for all of the products we sell, our ranges of alu-clad composite windows on offer are becoming known as the next generation of glazing. In summary, we make bespoke products to perfectly fit your home and certain products can be provided within six weeks of your order.

But don’t just take our word for it, check out some of our gallery pictures to see what products would suit your home. If you’d like more information, contact us to have our composite windows brochure delivered to your email or printed copies sent to your home.

We offer free samples, a full survey and installation service or can offer supply only.
In addition, we can quote your products within 48 hours of receipt of full information.
Either, call us today on 01608 684 607 and talk to one of our friendly specialists. Likewise, send us an email at sales@enlightenedwindows.co.uk.
Written by Georgia Tindale

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